Karma Genetics Chem Tini and Rado Z testers

Ichabod Crane

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I was given these to test.

The seeds were placed into a cup of water tonight.

Before the splash I scuffed them a little by rolling them around a cup with sand paper around the out side.

When I opened the Rado Z I found 7 seeds in the package. I only did 5 seeds at this time. Here are the Rado Z seeds in the cup with the sand paper.

I rolled all the Chem Tini seeds in the cup as well. There were 12 Chem Tini seeds in the package.

The Rado Z are feminized and the Chem Tini are not. I have room for about 12 plants in flower. So I figured I will have to kill about 6 of the Chem Tini. That would leave me 11 with the 5 female Rado Z.

Finally I marked some plant stakes with the name, date and time the seeds started their soak.

Tomorrow morning before I head out to work I will pull these from their soak and plant them. That should give them a about 9 hour soak.


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:lurk::prettyplease: stardawg cross count me along for the ride and best of luck with your finders keepers :good:

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Nine hours ha. This slacker let them soak for 11 hours. That is like 22.22% longer than I said.

So I will just have to deal with it and move on.

So I am really bad at popping seeds. So this is the easiest way for me to get plants from seeds.

I use Oasis Cubes to start them in. Here are what they look like. The ones I am using are 1.5" x 1.5". The smaller ones allow to much of the roots to grow into the cube next to it.

I flood the cubes with water till they are just about completely covered in water. Here you can see that. Also notice the dust that was washed out of the cubes.


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Now that I have the cubes soaked I just drain the water off till there is trickle of water draining out.

Now it is time to get everything planted. I start with mixing up the soaking solution. Now pay close attention because this is very detailed. I use a quart of water with a cap of this.

I hope you caught that because it is very detailed. Anyway the solution looks like this when mixed.

Now I need to get the seeds out of the water. The best way for me to do that is with a stainless steel sprouting lid and tweezers.

The screened lid fits over my cup of water and seeds nicely. I just drain the water threw the screen and when done I flick a finger on the cup so the seeds fall down onto the screen.

Ichabod Crane

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The cup with the screen on it looks like this. You can see the seeds stuck at the bottom of the cup after I drained the water off. By flicking the cup they fall to the screen when the cup is turned upside down.

Now I just put a seed into every hole on the cubes. None of these seeds have tails yet so they are easy to grab with the tweezers without damaging the root.

After putting them in the holes I pour the solution I made earlier over the cubes making sure I hit each seed with some of the solution. It will pool in the bottom of the tray.

Now I put the plant marker into each set of cubes and wait. It should not be long before they pop up.

Ichabod Crane

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Go ichabod!
Very detailed thread mate.

I want people to get exactly what I get when I run these. The best way to do that is be detailed so they can do the same thing.

And who knows they may use it and find it works better for them or they may tell me a better way. I have not really popped very many seeds. I mostly just run clones. So I am kind of a newb at it.

Ichabod Crane

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Really looking forward to this. Best of luck!
Well hopefully it does not disappoint you.

Here we are at 46.5 hours into the grow from the time I scuffed the seeds. Two of the Chem Tini are up above the Oasis cube top. Several others have tails that can be seen. And you can see one of the Rado Z is poking up as well.