J-Roc's Crib


J-Roc in the hizo nawm saynnn~!
lets get this grow show on the road shall we.

Strain = Bagseed
Veg = Envirolite
Flower = 150w HPS


The Veg Box

The Flowering Closet

Peace out,
Jay to the R OWE SEE.


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Cool crib J-Roc.

I've got a similar show running.
I like the veg cabinet.

I don't like the pic with the dirty laundry but the flowerroom looks ok too.
Your plants look nice (but I'm only on my second grow fwiw).

How far are the plants in your flower room ?

Is it a good idea to put a photo of your entire living room on a canabis related site ?
I wouldn't do that and I'm dutch.

I'm going to follow this grow.



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Jay to the mofukin' R-O-C representin' wit' da one-fity.:laughing:

Anyone remember when he was the host of that nerdy teen talk show? Jonovision it was called I think.

Anyhow, nice setup man. I like seeing smaller grows because they show that you can grow herb pretty much anywhere as long as you use your head and plan things out.

Wishing you a bountiful harvest.

*edit just realized IC is blanking out so called "profanity". Well, thats' kinda ****ing sad isn't it?*
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i agree about you maybe having a lil too much in the background of your pics. Your grow setups look really nice. You just might take into account that its not stealth anymore if someone who's been in there ever sees this


Wow lotsa people posting already :D

sup man, those 2 plants have been stuck in veg for like a month and a half and i only just put them into flower like 3 days ago.

as for what ive shown. im not so worried. back in the overgrow days i had hundreds of public photos of me and my retarded friends with the harvest and getting mess dup. seriously narks need to get lives. and shit.. really who is gonna recognize my bedroom... like me my roomate and maybe like 2 or 3 girls a year (ona good year) go in there..

this is my partner in crime. he supervise's and makes sure i dont electricute myself. he looks sorta evil in this pic

transplanting this one today.. boy for a little girl she sure does got long legs

woof all this work is making me tired.. better refuel :rasta:

Lemonade wussup my brotha! yeah i remember jonovision.. definatly wasent very cool. but i havent seen him say a thing yet on tpb that wasent strate gold, so i stole his handle.

Irishcoco Thanks for the heads up :D im screwed anyways seeing as i live on the main floor on the busiest road of a very large city. my only hope is the best place to hide is where no one would look.

ill toss you all some fake karma, thanks for visiting my crib


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Lol, that rabbit is chillin' like a mu'fuucka :D

Nice setup...like the stealth veg box...that's tight
Gonna tag this one...good luck! :wave:


J-Roc! MY MAN! Good to see you back. Missed you bro! Where you been?
Hey that new flower closet is ROCKIN! and the girls are getting big!

Just 2-3 a year? Gotta work on that man! Whats the bunny's name? Looks like a good partner in crime, as long as it doesn't munch the goods! Ha!

K+ to you Dood!!

Thanks for stopping by my thread!


Soulshine! My brotha. welcome to the thread
ive been very busy working to buy new grow shit.. i absolutly LOVE ur new cab. it kicks my grows ass!
the bunny's name is dewey. he likes carrots.. not the weed so much.
we will be seeing lots of eachother im sure

-vt- knew ide hear from you :D
thanks a lot for coming bye

Siddartha werd. hes just like bugs.. even peels out..

headypete hello my friend! what u guys dont realize is that the dirty gitch is ACTUALLY part of the stealthness of my grow. if ule notice in the pictures. the hamper actually perfectly conseals my air intake.. and i assure you thats the last place anyone wants to look.

see u can see the hamper there with the resin rubbed on the side in the shape of upside down cross's from when im cleaning my fingers after scraping.

yeah this is the side of the room you cant see in the top pictures. this is where i have sex :D (rarely)

Thanks everyone for posting :D do it all you want. i wont get mad i swear!
JAY 2 The ARE Oh C


OK bad news first

these dicks have dicks. er there male anyways, so there ****ing dead.

The good news.. the one that was left in veg showed me some pre flowers today :D

little chilly in there today...

Lets celebrate. to the death of the males! and the girl confirmation!

anyways.. i got some more bagseed from a friend.. hope they are still good she said they where really old seeds. and i stole some fresh soil back from the males before they put there dirty feet into it, so weer all set for the next round.


Sorry to hear about the male. Think I got a couple too. Not sure yet. Well, thank god for little girls. They grow into fine ladies!!!! Gotta be grateful for the ones we got, I guess.

So what about the males? They worth smokin' if you aint' got anything else?


What do you think. This a male?



-VT- thanks man, post here as much as you want :D

MajPothead thankyou for dropping in. love ur grow

SoulSHine i dunno its hard to tell from those pics if thats a dood.
heres one of my big boys about a week and 3 days into flower.
i didnt expect to see all those posters in ur room didnt seem like your genre. Anywaaaayeezs good pics and props to those babies you got goin.


Dr Dog

Sharks have a week dedicated to me
Nice stealth in your crib bro, Would not be able to tell other than the pics and possibly some roaches that are most likely in the ashtrays.
Good luck with your grow bro
I will be back, save me a seat, and not next to the mustard tiger

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