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Indian Landrace Exchange strains


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I read your classification approach and listened to the podcast...
Amazing and educated approach towards landraces. Keep it up!


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Dubi, it was an absolute joy to read about these strains. Going on a trek in my mind while having coffee.
Dubi, thank you for making these genetics available to the world. The selfless way you share knowledge and experience sets you apart from the rest of the industry.
Much of the industry is now just realizing the error of their ways bottlenecking genetics and hyping garbage. The integrity and character that you have built Ace seeds on is becoming more evident than ever.
Peace brother and thank you ??

H e d g e

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Baloch selection #2 and 3# have arrived safely in the grey U.K. and are chilling out in my fridge patiently awaiting summer.
I’d love to know more about how their previous custodian Mr Mir Irshad was keeping the four selections separate when pollinating his plants.. Or if they come from a diverse population that are allowed to lightly seed in open pollination?
If I should expect a mixture of expressions from 1 to 4 leaning towards the description of the plant they were taken from? Or a more homogeneous group?
Many thanks to all involved in making these genetics available.


Hi folks

I think of ordering some balochistan #3. but 150 per 10 seeds is on the upper limit for me. But yasmine smelling giggling weed would be nice:D

How is the germination rate?

Are the seeds from one plant or selection of different plants?

How is potency compared to other ace strains? More in the lebanese beldia range or higher?

How likely is the yasmine smell?

Thx chilliwilli


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The Germination rate is close to 90%+ on all 4 selections, and each selection represents a unique female selected for the described charecterstics by the farmer. Each variety is quite potent in their own right and certainly more than Beldia or other central asian varieties such as ones from Afghanistan, iran etc. since the balochi varieties have been traditionally selected and narrowed down by a single family for over 3 decades.

H e d g e

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‘..the balochi varieties have been traditionally selected and narrowed down by a single family for over 3 decades.‘

Thanks irrazin! This is great news.. I need not worry about cultivating any feelings of impending doom from a #4 leaning pheno while nurturing selections #2 and #3.
What we have then are four separate Balochi varieties..

#1 Red...........relaxing
#2 Kings bud...racing
#3 Zard bhang..joyful
#4 Shidi bhang..impending doom

I was hoping for exactly this, but after reading the website description wasn’t sure if the four selections might just be different phenotypes of the same heirloom population.
Really excited about the possibility of true breeding gigglebud! Thanks for the reply.


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Is there any way to have these seeds sent to the USA? I was not able to add the states as a shipping destination on the ACE site.

I have ordered quite a few times from the Ace site and am in the USA. I just double checked with a dummy order and it allowed me to use my usual address.

You should send an email to them to see if you can work something out. They usually have gotten back to me in 1-3 days when I have emailed them.

It's also possible they are having difficulty delivering here right now. Two orders ago took two full months to arrive when its normally about three weeks. I am still waiting on my last order and they had to delay even shipping it by three weeks (they let me know by email) due to having to stagger shipments into the US.
A quick reply came from ACE! I was told they only send orders to EU/UK and Canada. Would love to see these strains offered in the US someday! It's a bit of a shit show here right now but it's still home.


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I have gotten seeds from ACE and am in California. Maybe that changed. I have my eyes on the Myanmar and the Manipuri varieties. I am looking for the trippiest of strains. If anyone has a suggestion there I would welcome. I have not had great luck with Kerala but just one plant and from RSC.