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Indian Landrace Exchange strains


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Some good plants not many smoke reports .. anyone encountering a sweet anise/pepper/spice with the anise foremost and liquoricey ?
Give me a shout if you please, thanks in advance 🙏🏻


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The blue pheno is more sedate and not what I am wanting. The seeds are totally different despite being made from the same males. The effects are quite different and I suspect some indica contamination occurred. Indica in Burma not from me. The plants are quite similar in leaf shape but the blue has a lot more blueish resin covered calyxes whereas the regular color plants look less resin coated and dense.

The pictures I posted show this well enough I think. Mong Hsat is not a tiny isolated village, so plenty of various seeds can come thru and change the local genes. Maybe this is just natural genetic variation but I doubt that is the case.


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Maruf pheno - Garlic-Pineapple-fuel
IMO best male in 30 seeds, stickies stem rub, most resin and I have a female hashplant pheno of the same resin/odor profile. F2's will be made.


I am currently growing my males in 32oz cups, stress testing them, the males that showed intersex traits or insufficient odor/resin got thrown out. Zero signs of autoflowering on these males under 24/0, after months in the same container, they maintain a very tight structure with limited stretch during flower, have extreme drought resistance too.. definitely looking to keep both incase this male produces unstable offspring.

Garlic-pineapple-fuel female
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hello Dubi, today my seeds arrived well from Spain. Hopar Vally#2 will do my best to make a decent growth report. I hadn't chosen any freebees with my order. because I already have a lot of different genetics in my house. but thanks for this anyway. China Yunnan is the first strain I grew from Ace around 2010. nice plants to grow! kind regards


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Tirah valley hidratadas 5 semillas el día 22/4 mas tarde a macetas de 200ml, para el día 28/4 estaban todas germinadas

Tirah valley hydrated 5 seeds on the 22/4 later in 200ml pots, by the 28/4 they were all germinated

22 abril (2).jpg 22 abril (1).jpg

Día 10 mayo, may

10 mayo (2).jpg 10 mayo (6).jpg
Para el día 15/5 algunas comenzaron a mostrar signos de autofloracion , ellas sufrieron por una mala fumigación olvide filtrar el pimentón de la vera y quemo alguna hojas y ramas.

el día 18/5 mostraron preflores en algunas y signos de querer florecer, las trasplante a macetas de 500ml, para probar si el tamaño de maceta influía en ello , ellas cambiaron y crecieron con normalidad

on 5/15 some began to show signs of autoflowering, they suffered from bad fumigation, I forgot to filter the paprika from the vera and burned some leaves and branches.

On 5/18 they showed pre-flowers in some and signs of wanting to flower, I transplanted them into 500ml pots, to test if the size of the pot influenced it, they changed and grew normally

Día 23 y 24 mayo, may

23 5 (1).jpg 24 mayo (2).jpg 24 mayo (3).jpg 24 mayo (6).jpg

Día 29 mayo may

el macho nº1 muestra signos de floración el es el mas inclinado a autofloracion, el macho nº4 sexo el ultimo de las 5 semillas, aunque esta en floración algo menos avanzada, definitivamente la maceta parece ser un factor como mas tarde termine de comprobar.....
En la primera foto la de el medio y la de la derecha, En la segunda foto son los dos primeros

Male No. 1 shows signs of flowering, he is the most inclined to autoflower, Male No. 4 sex the last of the 5 seeds , although he is in slightly less advanced flowering, the pot definitely seems to be a factor, as I finished checking later.....
In the first photo the one in the middle and the one on the right, in the second photo are the first two

 t 29 mayo (11).jpg  t 29 mayo (14).jpg

we continue in the next post
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El día 16/6 , fueron trasplantadas a macetas de 3 litros las tres hembra y llevadas a su zona definitiva donde pasaran a suelo una vez enriquecido , poniendo atención en su tendencia auto.

On 6/16, the three females were transplanted into 3-liter pots and taken to their final area where they were transferred to soil once enriched, paying attention to their auto tendency.

Día 16 de junio, june


16 6 n2 (1).jpg 16 6 n2 (2).jpg 16 6 n2 (4).jpg


16 6 n3 (1).jpg 16 6 n3 (2).jpg 16 6 n3 (3).jpg 16 6 n3 (4).jpg


16 6 n5 (3).jpg 16 6 n5 (9).jpg 16 6 n5 (11).jpg
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Día 30/6 se pasan a tierra muy enriquecida Nº2 y Nº3 con tendencia auto, Nº5 creciendo

Day 30/6 they are passed to highly enriched soil Nº2 and Nº3 with a self tendency, Nº5 growing


t2 30 junio (1).jpg t2 30 junio (2).jpg t2 30 junio (3).jpg t2 30 junio (4).jpg t2 30 junio (5).jpg


t 3 30 junio (1).jpg t 3 30 junio (2).jpg t 3 30 junio (3).jpg t 3 30 junio (4).jpg t 3 30 junio (5).jpg


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Tirah 18 july

Nº 2 salio de su principio de flora sin problemas al igual que Nº 3, sin duda el tamaño de maceta influye en su inducción a la floración, en algunas de sus ramas se puede ver pequeños cúmulos florales, no obstante ellas estan en crecimiento, Nº5 es la que no vi afectada por ello, aun que no prove retenerla mas ya que necesitaba darles crecimiento, realmente resistentes a la sequía,

No. 2 came out of its beginning of flora without problems like No. 3, without a doubt the size of the pot influences its induction to flowering, in some of its branches you can see small floral clusters, however they are growing, No. 5 It is the one that I did not see affected by it, although I did not try to retain it anymore since I needed to give them growth, really resistant to drought,


tirah 2 18 julio (16).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (13).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (14).jpg d (1).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (1).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (2).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (3).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (8).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (10).jpg tirah 2 18 julio (11).jpg
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18 julio
Ellas generan varios entrenudos algunos de ellos de ramas finas.
Fotos despues de doblarlas algo mas y de podar un poco

They generate several internodes, some of them with fine branches.
Photos after bending them a little more and pruning a little

1 (5).jpg 1 (9).jpg t (1).jpg t (2).jpg t (3).jpg t (4).jpg t (5).jpg tirah 18 julio 2 (1).jpg tirah 18 julio 2 (2).jpg 1.jpg
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