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Green Mountain Seeds distribution agreement with ACE Seeds


ACE Seeds Breeder
High everyone :) Good news!

We are pleased to inform you that ACE Seeds has reached an agreement with Green Mountain Seeds for the exclusive distribution of their genetics in Europe.

As a consequence, Green Mountain Seeds strains will from now on be available not only through ACE Seeds website,
but also shortly through our official ACE Seeds distributors, which will allow a better diffusion of Green Mountain Seeds genetics all over the world.

Purple Satellite and Green Mountain Grape become part of our permanent catalog, since there's enough stock for their distribution for years.
While Mountain Gold and Pine Apple Banana Bud are available in limited stock, so they are being released as limited editions until stocks last.

Zacateca Tribute is the only Green Mountain Seeds that won't be available through retailers since there's not enough stock for its wholesale distriution.
The 21 packs available on our website (as of now) are the very last ones of this strain, so better get yours as soon as possible in case you are interested before Zacateca is completely sold out.

Green Mountain Seeds on our website: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/brands/green-mountain-seeds.html

Green Mountain Grape: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/brands/green-mountain-seeds/greenmountaingrape.html

Mountain Gold: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/brands/green-mountain-seeds/mountaingold.html

Pine Apple Banana Bud: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/brands/green-mountain-seeds/pineapplebananabudstd.html

Purple Satellite: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/brands/green-mountain-seeds/purplesatellitestd.html

Zacateca Tribute: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/brands/green-mountain-seeds/zacatecatributeregularseeds.html

Green Mountain Seeds are packed in ACE Seeds original packaging and are only available in regular seeds in packs of 10 seeds.

Kindly send us an email to info@aceseeds.org if you have any question about shipping to your location or about what retailers are already offering GMS stock.

Vermontman is doing great and about to start a new positive chapter in his life (not related with cannabis).

Thanks for your interest and support :ying:


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Humple W.

Active member
Good news, thanks, Dubi!

As a yank, I have the feeling that Zacateca Tribute will always be the one that got away from me. You can't always get what you want! Ah well, I have other Mexican strains I can run, and lots of Ace gear as well. I'll just dry my tears on one of those huge fan leaves my Bubba Hash puts out!

Thanks again for all you do, Dubi and Ace! There isn't another breeder out there that excites me as much.


ACE Seeds Breeder
Dear friends,

VERY last Mountain Gold packs available on our website, there's no more stock from the source and it's not currently under production by vermontman so this Green Mountain Seeds' limited edition will be discontinued once these last packs are sold out.
Grab some packs while you can ;) if you are interested



ICMag Donor
gone as of right now. Do you ship to the states? I want a bunch of packs of your gear and my oaseeds PW isn't working.


Active member
gone as of right now. Do you ship to the states? I want a bunch of packs of your gear and my oaseeds PW isn't working.

They quit shipping to the states and green mountain strains sell out too quickly for americans to get access.
I started my strain collection with ACE but no more.
I have spent a couple thousand bucks on seeds since they dropped the ball.
Oh well.


ICMag Donor
Oaseeds is OK, I just need to fix the PW. There are a half dozen strains I want to add. Can't really blame Dubi after what happened to Gypsy. I wish he would start selling through seedbay, as that is a great place to get gear, logistics wise.


Thats true selling seeds comes with legal challenges. The usa are dev very strict with that and you can't blame ace and dubi for not taking the risk.


Active member
My issue is the cornering of other people strains and then cutting off the majority of America. But whatever.
Smart is as smart does. Pissing off customers is not smart.

Its amazing how rarely, if ever, I hear international customers complain about US based seed companies and seed banks not shipping internationally yet this part of the IC gets spammed with Americans complaining about Ace's shipping.... I wonder why that is. :chin:

Also Marc Emery says hi :wave:

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