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Good seeds in Amsterdam


Hi friends I am two weeks away to Amsterdam I came to fetch seeds if fine genetics if priority genetics from california lover indica sworn with great priority for taste
Give varieties that you recommend ....
Thanks in advance


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Just get the good ones friend hell everyone I know only gets the good ones. The point is don't meny miny moe just get some seeds growing. If you don't know which to buy just ask someone that knows when you are there and buy some. It's very easy to get super seed in Amsterdam.


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Don't feed the troll... this guy is just bored, never showing plants. :coffee::poop: And the TO was last online in 2021...

I don't think serious seed shops are hard to find in Adam, just use the internet or ask in a good coffeeshop for adresses.


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Anyone know a shop that stocks Humboldt Seed Company in Amsterdam (or a short train ride away)?

Looking for Freakshow regs.


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I think I never had bad seeds in my life.
And I grow many of them...from various breeders.
From small hobby breeders to big commercial I Always found 1 plant which was worth growing them.
I dont say that I always found true "elite" but very good plants I are easy to find.

4 plants that I regret I havent cloned were.
1. Rqueenseeds Northern Light...haribo smell like pheno with bit of honey. One of the best positive care free relax high I had in life.

2. Shiva shanti XXL yild bit airy but full on Garlic onions plant smell and taste.
It was hypnotic strong indica brain high.
Not so heavy on body. But when you smoke it you can watch spinning washing machine for hours.

3.skunk kush by Sensi i found bih calyx skunk Like pheno that was smell skunky ghani with lemony bit menthol smell
It was strongest sandalwood Incense anise smell i had in life while burn.
High was uplifting classic skunk with bit kush.

But I remember whenever I smoked this lots of head Will turn around and ask ohh what you smoking. Especially on big music festivals or somethimg Like that. My friend was DJ back than.
When he lit it on music show.
Heads of festivals imidiatly come and say WTF you been smoking whole houl is smelling on dank weed.

4. Barney farm peyote cookies.
Still the best cut od cookies/sherbs/gellatos I smoked till now.
It was Like vanilla green Apple cookie.
And had light Incense from Bubba while burned.
Perfect mix of Bubba and GSC/og.
Best traits of all parrents in 1 plant.

Those were real elites...which I didnt save cuts.
bruh theres streets filled with nothing but tourist trap " weed stores"
selling everything from fake spacecakes , cheap chinese bongs , to " Arjens Haze #3 seeds" lol

the only store that sellls seedjunky in Amsterdam , is the Family First concept store ..... which is a CLOTHING store ......

I hope this info helps lmao


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Seed junky is not too great itself. Im sure there are seedhouses in Amsterdam that have been around longer than seed junky 3 times over....


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I've grown a lot of Sensi seeds over the years. Some were good, some were bad. And most of the times they weren't like the strain descriptions in their catalogs. But the worst Sensi's seeds I had I have bought in the Sensi seed shop in Amsterdam. Worst germination ratios ever, plants the total opposite of what they should have been. They have them laying in the counter, uncooled, and they're probably just filled with seeds from the floor in one of their rooms. Do I still buy Sensi seeds? Yes but not from their shop in Amsterdam anymore. Another shop episode happened at the RQS shop in the Dam where they had this pack in the counter hand labelled HYpro Amnesia. 100 pcs for 80 Euros. Well, the stuff I grew was not like Amnesia regarding smell, but had a crazy punch. I gave some seeds to a friend who started to grow back then and he manged to get a spot-on Amnesia pheno which yielded like a pro but the motherfucker didn't clone the one and let this unicorn die. That was the only good pheno of 100 seeds, lol. 2 lessons learnt.
My advice for Amateurdam, don't buy seeds there. Make your homework at home and buy from reputable resellers or websites. The shops ain't good.