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Girl Scout Cookies Grow from Nirvana


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I want to share with you Guys my first GSC Grow. I have bought a Seed Pack from Nirvana I here good thinks about that Strain so I give it a try...

The Seed was very Big so hopefully a Big Girl coming soon... I Grow a Single Plant if I have luck to have a keeper I will take Clones for sure... I Grow in Full Coco in a 15 Liter Airpot. You see I built a Humidity Dome because the Humidity is very low here in Winter Time only 30% so it's fine know.

I don't do transplanting stuff just let her Grow in her Final Medium with a low EC to not built up some Salt she will be fine. My Plan is to Grow her for 4-6 Weeks Vege in that time i LST her (no topping) it's shocking! And then i Cropp her multiple Times to get the nest results possible i here the Harvest is not the best but let's see how she perform.

Lights are Cob LEDs first 1-2 weeks Single Cob LEDs 55 later I add 3 cob to it.

Day 4 GSC



star crash

We Will Get By ... We Will Survive
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That’s called cutting right to the chase;) good luck at the Grow …


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Good luck with the grow 🤙
I have some regular BC Bud Girl Scout Cookies seeds x12 which I will be growing out at some time in the future so it will be educational to watch yours :)
The most prolific male and female in the early stages will be used for seed. I don't have the space to do trials and clones to find the best or strongest etc. Hopefully the strain is stable enough that it won't matter


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So far so good. Those white things are some kind of bug traps I guess? Having some issues or just a preventative measures?


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GSC Day 22

2 day's ago i start LST and 2 Day's later we have a nice Bush awesome technique