Cream Caramel f, Cream Mandarin f, Red Mandarin f and Psicodelecia outdoor at 50N

Tommy G

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All looking great, thanks for sharing.

We'll keep passing by. All the best with it and..
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My Cream Caramel from years ago when I was a Sweet Seeds Tester........... but I'll always be known as the "Green Poison" guy. LOL

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I was credited for bringing Green Poison back from the dead (per tommy) with 7 straight full grow threads over at RIU back around 2012 or 2013. Interest spiked again, and the strain became popular again.

Great outdoors

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Lots of growth last 5 days. Heat wave continues. Temps have dropped out of the 40's though, but keeping mid 30's and no rain in sight.
I take back what I said on amount of time until stretch. It seems the hot sunny weather has advanced them, or that the auto flower in their blood makes them want to trigger. All plants are showing their sex on every node and the tops are starting to change structure a bit. My feel is they have started to turn and the next new moon here will slow them down but on the next waning moon they will fully trigger. This is a good thing as they are already getting so big, I worry they will become unmanageable and topple over.
I gave them a foliar feed of kelp a few days ago for 3 reasons. One to help with K loss from the heat. Two to deter some moths that having been putting holes in the odd leaf. Three with a heavy foliar you weight all the branches down and spread out the plant.
Worked great on all of them except the Cream Caramel where it exposed a weakness with the branches. The four bottom branches peeled with the weight. So you will notice they all look a fair bit wider except the Cream Caramel as I had to pull those branches in to mend them.
Cream Caramel now 205cm tall.


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Psicodelecia the big mamba at 229cm. You can see she is thirsty, they were watered right after the photo. Sucking a lot of water now. Hard to get away with even 48hrs with no water now. Need to get a serious deep soak in.


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Well the bad news is I had the first signs of fusarium show up last week. On all but the Red Mandarin.
The good news is I caught it early and I have been testing my own intense organic control based from research I have read on treating fusarium in banana's and tomato's. So far it seems to be working, but time will tell.
Here is a thread I made documenting it.

Plants have slowed on the upward growth and are now filling out and getting wide. Good thing I don't want them getting crazy tall.

Cream Caramel now 227cm tall.



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Wow! They look amazing!!
Looking forward to see how they explote!

Thanks for sharing ;)

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Well they have definitely slowed there upward growth, have done a lot of branching, and are in full preflower now. The Cream Mandarin is the most ahead on flowering and the Psicodelecia the furthest behind. All the kelp I have been feeding them to help treat the fusarium could have a lot to do with the heavy branching.
Fusarium seems well under control, I am optimistic.
Gave them a heavy haircut on the bottom and inner branches. Should be good airflow and light now.
Cream Caramel now 243cm tall.

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