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Colombia is granting new licenses

red rider

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Yes,red rider. Do bring forward those old school Colombians genepools.
The recently entry genepool, "strain crippy" ,has also contaminated the genepool on small island ,which was previously predominantly Colombian, from the 70's.

And now the proliferation of Internet budporn's,have got farmer on island attention.
They're not studying about the region's landraces.
I will love to get my thumb's on some ,Thia's (south east Asians,African's ;Malawi's, Ethiopians.. South American; Colombians.
Red Rider,blessing on that mission of yours,we all are rooting for you,grower!

Thank you very much, however my quest is not so noble as I'm not trying to preserve, I just like the Colombians and I want to grow them myself in country. We are still going through the licencing process and I really hate to say too much until we have it but the majority of the work at my licensed finca will be long flowering tropical narrow leaf plants. My Colombian investors (I have no money) want me to grow the plants I want with the exception of CBD plants. However I want to grow the CBD cause I believe that is what killed my bladder cancer and I still use it daily.


Even without the finca the rider always has some Colombian growing.

red rider


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These guys have interesting CBD seeds availble for the new green rush of so called hemp flower market

Really its some complex phenos and very high cbd and terpene content that makes it valuable

Would probably want to hook up with oneof the farms and get seed that way so dont have to buy 1000seeds

Anyway,this is where all the farms are getting for 1$ a seed




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Medicine tree,money tree, Tree of renowned!

Medicine tree,money tree, Tree of renowned!

Good to see,what's going on Colombia.
Just hope that the local,(native)growers get a fair shake of tree!
More news about Colombian Cannabis Industry

More news about Colombian Cannabis Industry

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The Colombian government allowed the growing of medicinal cannabis in 2016 with the 1787 bill/ 613 decree. The first licenses were issued in 2017. Subsequently there has been some amendments to the laws, some improving conditions for the growers and some not improving conditions for the growers, but none affecting the legality of growing.