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Colombia is granting new licenses


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Hi hempernest. Congratulations on getting your license. My question for you is about the genetics that were and are available in Colombia. We all know about legendary Colombian landrace genetics, but I get conflicting information when I research whether these landrace genetics still exist or if everything has been tainted with Indica genetics to some extent. Do high-quality, pure sativa heirloom genetics remain in Colombia? How rare or prevalent are they?

Thanks for your reply.
i am not old enough to know the old colombian ones, there are some people who swear they still exist, and colombia is big enough i cannot say no; but mainly the varieties here are quite simmilar to elsewhere with lot of people buying online varieties with high production and quicker flowering.

i have to look myself for those sativas wich may grow without extra light and maybe be resistent to fungus

Yard dog

Well if marc is on his South American tour exploring pot farms you can bet there's a VERY good rea$on!;)

Since both he and jodie have convictions, they will most likely be locked out of the coming financial opportunities available this summer when pot is legal in Canada.

.... not to mention the fact that he may need a new place to stay when The Big Story finally breaks!:tiphat:

He touched me!! the Harvey of the Canna world! is BS in Colombia too then?


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And the indigenous farmer? They still do not incorporate the most needy, who according to them, would be the first to win with this business. Finally for large companies, the word medicine only means money. Let's look at the other side of the coin too. That's my opinion.

Salud por allá

That was my first thought when I read the title. Politics and who gets the cream off the milk.
As far as i know many of the growing licenses have been given to the indigenous farmers in cauca valley, and transforming companies must buy at least 10% of their raw material to the small farmers


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Ya Colombia is a great example nation of class warfare. They do have a growing middle class.

An example of class warfare in American cannabis, is not allowing those with records licenses.

About PharmaCielo
PharmaCielo Ltd. is a global company privately held and headquartered in Canada, with a focus on processing and supplying all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products to large channel distributors. PharmaCielo’s principal (and wholly-owned) subsidiary is PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S., headquartered at its nursery and propagation centre located in Rionegro, Colombia.
The boards of directors and executive teams of both PharmaCielo and PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S. are comprised of a diversely talented group of international business executives and specialists with relevant and varied expertise. PharmaCielo recognized the significant role that Colombia’s ideal location will play in building a sustainable business in the medical cannabis industry, and the Company, together with its directors and executives, has built a compelling business plan focused on supplying the international marketplace

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My best friend in Cali would be proud of the changes taking place, but alas he didn't make it to the finish line and died too young.
And now....as of today, after the Canadian decision is carved in stone I'm curious how this partnership is gonna play out.

Hemperfest: I will be back in Santa Marta from November 2018 to March 2019. Being from Legal Oregon this whole thing peeks my curiosity. Do you know any of the pro MJ folks from Minca?


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all know is there some alcapoco gold hiting the usa from south of the border...lik in the 70,s...red bud and gold bud...yo its back and hope it stays..sone really good sht..its hitting the east coast..peace mm/:dance013:

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Fuck them. They're growing crippy in Colombia and further contaminating what's left of the gene pool.

Not everyone is growing crippy in Colombia. I've been growing native strains here for over a decade and I'm waiting for the final licensing approval.


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Old school Colombian is coming back.

red rider


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Emerging market

Emerging market

Yes,red rider. Do bring forward those old school Colombians genepools.
The recently entry genepool, "strain crippy" ,has also contaminated the genepool on small island ,which was previously predominantly Colombian, from the 70's.

And now the proliferation of Internet budporn's,have got farmer on island attention.
They're not studying about the region's landraces.
I will love to get my thumb's on some ,Thia's (south east Asians,African's ;Malawi's, Ethiopians.. South American; Colombians.
Red Rider,blessing on that mission of yours,we all are rooting for you,grower!