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Welcome to my test!! Thanks to OJD & Truecannabliss for selecting me as a tester!!:jump:

Sorry for the delay...here is where i will chronicle my test of Connoisseur Genetics' Chemmy Jones.

Strain description:
Chemmy Jones(Casey Jones x Chemdog bx2)
Award winning Casey Jones (truecannabliss’ cut) gets with one of our shorter, super branchy Chemdog bx2 males...great yield & vigor as well as the complex highs and flavors of this cross make it a true all rounder sure to please the connoisseur and the cash cropper.

Seeds were germinated in a wet paper towel...

all ten popped and went into rapid rooters...

and then under the T5 light fixture. 4 foot unit, 4 bulbs, mixed spectrum...

and all ten are up and seem happy.

this last picture was taken last night...september 22, 2010.

this brings you up to date.

Here is how i plan on growing these test seeds:

All will be vegged under the T5 for 4-6 weeks., then flowered under 400 watts of HPS lighting. Males will be cut as they show, and the females will be flowered out to completion. i usually top all the plants twice to produce multiple colas...

They will be grown in a mix of recycled Pro~Mix and Just Right Xtra All Organic Potting Mix...

so that's about it for now...i will update as things progress.

thanks again for selecting me as a tester!!:thank you:


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1st in :woohoo:

Nice one Sleepster me old pal!! :jump:

God if I think back to when we 2 started out, looks like a lot has changed since then.

Wishing you all the best for this grow!! :yes::tiphat:


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Greets bro Sleepy.....always a pleasure watching your grows...ill be taggin along

Good vibez:tiphat:


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1st in :woohoo:

Nice one Sleepster me old pal!! :jump:

God if I think back to when we 2 started out, looks like a lot has changed since then.

Wishing you all the best for this grow!! :yes::tiphat:

Me too - wishing you all the best for this grow.
Indeed. I think we all started out together, back in the early days of ICmag.

Happy to see you part being a tester here.
Do please check out my test of te OGchem. New updates and lots of exciting things happening. :):jump::dance013:

el clandestino

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Orale Sleepy. Great to hear your doing the chemmy jones shuffle. I cant wait to see the fruits of your labours. Best of luck to you bro.:ying:


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Alex-F!!>>so good to see yo...yep, its been a long time, eh? thanks for the warm wishes and i hope all is well with you!!
Irie_Lion!!>>thank you very much!! enjoy the show...
chuckyoufarley!!>>glad to have you, chucky!!
TrichyTrichy!!>>always nice to see a great smilie!! thanks trichy!!
Cannawinner!!>>ahhh...all my old friends!!! (well almost...)...i will be sure to look in on your test, Cannawinner! i am sure you will do them proud!
el clandestino!!>> nice to see you again, el clandestino!!:wave: pull up a comfy seat and move a cat...:cathug:pass the vape around and we'll all get stupid...i am off to make more empanadas and snacks...but first a quick update...


all ten are up and have been re-potted!

here they were on thursday...

and i just finished re-potting them...

they look like they are ready to take off...

thanks for looking in.:blowbubbles:


Alright..Subscribed! :)

Got the same deal going. :) Good luck bro!



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Good work sleepy Im gonna sit in on this one in the back row seat. To see how it plays out. This is a cross that has attention. Keep it rolling.......


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It is nice to see you here, I'll stay, 'cause I love empanadas and to be from
the vape, what a nice combination.
I wish you lots of fun and a nice grow with your Chemmy Jones....


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kwik update...

kwik update...

nukkumatti!!>>...yep, i was checking yours out!! thanks for coming by!
Gsizzle!!>>...cool!! i will have to get some more snacks!...hehehe
jochen_45!!!>> mmmmm mmmmmmmmm!!!hang out and we'll relax together!:blowbubbles:


all ten are still with us and doing pretty good. a little yellowing... i fed them at half strength with the following:

cal~max; liquid karma; and cutting edge solutions' Grow...adjusted pH to 6.5.

these pix were taken 2 daze ago...



Free up the Herbs....Let the Sacrament grow!
Lookin good Sleepy...what size are the containers u have them in?? They look pretty similar to some I was just using on some plants I just harvested. I think mine are 1.3 gal or someting like that.


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Hey Sleepy, sounds like you should have some tasty bud. Casey Jones, isn't that Sour Diesel x some kind of Thai? Looking forward to this run. Kick it out Sleeps!

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