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Chemmy Jones


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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...


CherChezLaGhost!!>>hey there!! glad you posted!!! thank you very much!
chuckyoufarley!!>> chucky!!! yours look awesome! i can't wait until mine get bigger!
nukkumatti!!>> jejeje coming right up!!
zeppelindood!!>>damn!! brother zep popping by...wow good to see you old pal!!:tiphat::jump:
Grat3fulh3ad!!>>there is our answer, zep...thanks, h3ad!!!:thank you:
coloradomedical!!>>mmmmm sexy!!
GreatLakes THC!!>>great to see you, GLTHC!!
BUNDY & COKE!!>>excellent...get comfy...i am firing up the vape...its nice and clean...lets get baked.:blowbubbles:
Cannawinner!!>>ahhh...happy to see you!! i hope all is well for you these days!


i took a few pics the other day...sorry it took me so long to upload them.

all ten are still with us and looking much better!!

take a look:

i think i'll top them all this week...i will keep you posted.

see you next time!:tiphat:


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kwik update...

kwik update...

el clandestino!!>>thank you!! i hope you are doing well...


i topped them all last night and took a couple of pictures...

they look happy...

see you soon!:cathug:


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looking grest bro

coming along nicely
keep up the good work

going to be some big stank buds come harvest time



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updating...still fine...

updating...still fine...

ojd!!>> woot!! glad to see you, OJD!! i am sure they will produce some serious dank!


i took a few pix last night...here they are:

all ten under the T5...

they responded well to their first topping...

here are a few random shots...a bit closer...

see you next time!:wave:

GreatLakes THC

an Arthur P. Jacobs production
They are responding well to the topping Sleepy. I topped mine a bit late, wish I would have topped them a bit sooner. Still gonna be dankity dank. Just a bit taller then I'm used too. All in all looking great man.

GreatLakes THC :joint:


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GreatLakes THC!!>> thanks, GL!! glad to see you again!

took some pix last night...they look really nice for vegging...

all have been topped again.



Looking good sleepy!!
How long you think you gonna veg them? Nice bushes man!


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updating....first male showed himself...

updating....first male showed himself...

GreatLakes THC!!>>...thanks, GL!!
nukkumatti!!>>...i think i will plug the timer in and fire up the 400 watt HPS this weekend...


the only 'news' is the first plant showed sex last night...a male.

he was decapitated promptly. here are a few pics:

more updates as things move along.



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Overdue Update...

Overdue Update...

Doobieduck!!>> thank you!! you are too kind.
AugustWest!!>> hey man...thanks for coming by! i appreciate the kind words.


ok...the plants all went into flowering on November 7th, 2010. i waited for them all to show sex...after waiting for what seemed like forever...i have 4 females!!:jump::dance013::blowbubbles:

here are a few pictures...

the short one:

the other three are pretty much identical:

i will try to provide weekly updates from here on out.


Dr. D

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Sleepy!! Lookin good man, very healthy..
Cant wait to see these ladies flowered up, true's cut is awesome and mixed with the Chem will make for some interesting plants....Peace


I took anger management already!!!! FUCK!!!
Howzit brother..?? Its been a long ass time.. Hope life is treating ya swell, and yer holidays rocked.. your bishes btw are looking PHAT!!! Lets see them now baybeee.. peace n pufs..