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C5 Haze x Kali China limited edition


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This weekend, my friends and I had the opportunity to try out C5 Haze x Kali China that has cured for almost two months now.
High was up and active. Think the effect will be more coherent after a some more curing, but it is very promising.
What really knocked us over was the smell of this lady. We broke off a good piece of a large bud and split it up in smal pieces for smoking. So I had this 3-4 gr heap I could stick my nose in and really take a deep sniff. The scent was extremely strong with so many nuances that I can´t describe it. Both heavenly dark seductive and fresh berry/beaujolais wine like at the same time. I felt like inhaling the spirit of an erotic female goddess, and it lifted me up and got me even higher. Neither me or any of my friends have experienced this kind of spiritual revelation when smelling a bud before. It was a paradigm shift for us all.
The genetics is of course the main ingredient, but this is probably my most successful grow so far, teaching me that growing skills are crucial.
Big thank´s to @dubi for the creation and @Yo Sammy for taking care of the C5 Haze all these years :love:


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Sorry, I read that wrong. Ok today it was time to cut the first node branches. I've put them in bayer powder and some soil. Probably not gonna work but better to try it than to throw it away.
C5 Haze x Kali China 16 days after flip to 12/12. Some leaves were removed today.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-05-28 at 18.00.01.jpeg
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C5 Haze x Kali China on the left.
*Extra topic: the smallest in front was a seed of paraguayan brickweed planted later, just to see what happens.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-28 at 18.00.02.jpeg


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They look great @Insano and almost done if you ask me ;) How would you describe their scents now ripening ? Thanks for the update close to finish.

@dubi, thanks for chiming in 🙏. They are coming down in a week or two max I think... The green one smells a bit like a zest of tangerine, not citrussy but not overwhelmingly sweet either. The purple one is more berry/fruity red wine, not really strong but still very enjoyable :). I still need to sample them of course but the purple-ish one seems like the keeper to me. Both are very good yielders, I will post pictures of the whole plants when I cut them.
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Just stopping by to see all the great pics..I just cut down my last plant of the season and it was the C5/kc and it was a 11 weeker.. the smell was a green weed smell with some haze undertones..its complex..time will tell..after a along cure!! this plant was grown in organic soil mixture and a 3 gallon pot.
thanks NL


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