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Bubba Kush x PCK


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The Book is an Annual guide. They print a new edition every year so it has correct updated dates and times. They also have wall calendars with the same information each Month. Pick one up for 2023!!


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Thank you for rasing awareness for moon phases FletchF.Fletch. I`ll harvest plant 1 tomorrow in waining moon. Plant 2 has been harvest already yesterday still in waxing moon. The two pictures (plant 1) are from yesterday.


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Thanks friends for keep growing this beautiful indica hybrid :huggy: looking forward for your smoke reports!
@FletchF.Fletch wonderful resins! :hotbounce Looks from here like a mostly green PCK pheno.
Mountainkush nice to meet your new 2 girls from seed :) You are right, first one seems more green PCK while second one slightly purple PCK.

@StrongTree Yours is the one with more purple PCK influence although the flower distribution is very Bubba Kush alike, very happy to see you keep constantly growing her ;)

Good news! We have just released a Bubba Kush x PCK regular version this year for the first time: