Bubba Hash

Humple W.

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Hey @Humple W. glad to see you back my friend. Hope you, your wife and family are all doing well. Great looking plant!!

What size Perlite do you prefer for your Hempy's, and how often do you water them?
Hey, Fletch, thanks! The fam is great. My oldest son is actually planning a trip to Spain later this year, where he will stay for a year, marry his fiance (she's Spanish), and enjoy the exposure to a different culture!

I use a pretty fine grade, though it's labeled course. I'd say the pieces are, on average, the size of a small pebble. I use this primarily because it's cheaper! Actually haven't tried hempys with a larger grade, but I've considered it. Lately I've been mixing in vermiculite at one-third of the total volume (for the water retention) - that spares me somewhat if I miss a watering, which is usually done every other day or so (once a day when they're deeper in flower). With my mini-hempys (32 ounce/1 liter) I make sure to water daily all through veg and flower.


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Bubba Hash outdoors just over 5 feet.