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BODHI Seeds, plants and info exchange


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I did grab a pack each of the cocoon and lazy lightning before they aren’t available any longer. I love some good headband.


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Thanks for starting a new Bodhi thread @420PyRoS !!!

White Light Hashplant


Sprouting some Black Raspberry for the Unity grow. 😀


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Ordered up some DBHP V2 -- Try to find a killer male to introduce some high brix blood genes in some crosses..

BBHP -- make up some heavy duty budda to bake space cookies for my 87 yr old dad :)

Getting a pack of El Wook as freebies.

DBHP and BBHP going outside in 2 months.


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Getting close to popping a pack of snow monkey for outdoor run.

Depending on when this next drop happens we might get a pack of razzberry lemonade also going but shipping time might screw us at this point.

I stupidly bought 2 packs of DLA 4 and 2 packs of 13 just now.


Lots of great looking plants in this thread only pushed me to buy more.

Plus the next drop im ready for haha


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Black Afghani
Kandahar Black.

From my understanding Kandahar Black was renamed by USC to Black Afghani so my question is...

Bodhi uses BA in DLA 16 but KB in DLA 13

Are these two different? Is his 80's BA different than USC?

Scratching my head.