5gal buckets of Coco


WOW man looking real slick.....Hoods doing the trick a bit better for you? I went from hood to cooltube back to hood.....I like the hoods myself a bit better. Temps are better for some reason in my tent with the 1000 in them. Keep up the good work my man!


You can't fool me bro. I know that's only 2 lights, 4 plants, and a bunch of mirrors.



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good shit Asher. Tons of fans in there caught my eyes :yoinks: ...

ill be sittin back tokin-n-relaxin, waitin for that next update...


p.s. any relation to asher roth?


real nice man, i'm gonna have to try some coco next time... I'm a huge fan of your organic soil-bed grows since i'm using a similar method. good luck and post more pics


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thanks fellas i'll try n snap some pics today if i can catch it soon as lights come on, otherwise the pics are worthless:wallbash:

wayne, no relation to em.. i always found it funny cause his website is the daily kush or somethin along them lines..

Shcrews, thanks for stopping by, coco has been a breeze for me but then again anything drain to waste should be cake work:joint: you must have me confused with someone else, i don't work with soil beds and even less with organics sorry about that


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10 days later.. day 36:joint:










gonne run them 65days:joint:

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How you know your doing it up

How you know your doing it up

. . . change ventilation ? nahhhh ADD third more watts !!!! KICK ASS...

theres 12k in there.. the size of the room is really only an 8k room but with the 8 my ac barely kicked on giving me tons of humidity and radiant heat, with the 12 the ac kicks on way more often and things look a bit better in there

Nice work and keeping up the yeilds as you change tons of variables in your setup. I believe youll get better yields, if not have better control on your yeilds just due to the smaller space your working with for feeding. Good luck and keep it up.



outstanding bro absolutely outstanding

always improving on seemingly perfect grows

you da man ! !


wow 12 K

anything under that must turn into a solid resin dripping mosnter.

show us some close ups :D of finishing nugs if ya got - if not ill stick around and wait :D


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:yoinks:Now here's someone who knows how to grow in coco.
HUGE plants.
So what are your root masses like in those 5 gallon buckets?


holy shit dude!
those plants are massive, I really like your approach.
just goes to show ya, ya don't need 100's of plants to yield ###s indo


feed info?

feed info?

I'm wondering if you could give some information about the COGR line of canna nutes and how you use them. Are you hand watering to get drain to waste? Are you using the canna bagged coco, or the COGR slabs that i've read these nutes are specifically designed for?
thanks in advance and good luck


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Veda, Thanks:joint: i have no ventilation in there at all tho i work with sealed rooms

reap, thanks for stopping by homie.. im still in the learning process with this coco

Bone, i don't have close up's of the nugs i have a few harvest shots from last run i'll post up. I'll get close up's this time tho:joint:

Prop215, they are in 5 gal buckets and from the floor to the top of my plants they are all roughly 6 foot or a bit larger

Hazy, im far from a pro this is only my second time with coco.. not sure on the root mass in the 5gal buckets they should be huge tho. I used 18gal buckets in the last round and they where packed with roots:joint:

Deltron, that's what i been about for a while.. low plant count high yields, or atleast i try to achieve that lol

Max, im using the Canna coco straight out of the bag no flushing no nothing before use. I started with the COGR line from the start my main reason is i like having specific flower an veg nuts. The regular Canna coco a an b you use the same A and B all the way through. Another reason(which i havent proven my self) is i know someone who ran the Coco A B and switched to COGR line in the second go and the results where a bit better in yield but who knows if anything else changed in there trial:wallbash:

thanks for stopping by fellas i'll get some more pics in a few days, be safe:joint:

jack from last round








Hey yo Bobby...are you going to use Head's formula all the way thru...not additives? I'm thinking about going ahead and startin up my side by side grow of coco using heads formula, coco using my passive organic hydro, and then just straight "soiless organic mix". I'll probably do this using my warlock clones, as they'll be the first out of the bubble cloner.

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I've got 5 I just started in Organic soil.

Starting 8 tomorrow. 7 will be the H3ad formula, 1 will be the same organics nutes I use currently. Just to see the difference. I might even do one with DutchMaster Gold, since that is what I use in my DWC.

Do you have drain holes in your buckets? If so what do they drain into, and how much run-off do you like to have?