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3 x Jack 47, 1 Psico and 2 x Ice Cool - Shooeys Continuing Sweet Seeds Adventures.


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Hi All,

So, here we go again... this time around we've got 3 new strain from Sweet Seeds running along side 2 Green Poison and 1 Amnesia.

Things got off to a shaky start (all my seed runs lately have started out a bit dodgy) and a 4 of those I started weren't worth continuing with and were culled early on... of those that remained I have some very healthy and vigourous plants indeed ...

Currently they are at week 2 of 12/12 and chuggin along nicely...

So, here's the Bumpf, feel free to skip it... :)

Jack 47 Specs:

Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of the most potent strains of our catalogue. This strain is the result of the cross between a selected genetic line of SWS31 (Jack 47 Auto®) and an elite clone of our SWS08 (Jack 47®).
The cross between the autoflowering and the non-autoflowering strains originates a non-autoflowering genetic that shortens the flowering time by one week when compared with the original version of SWS08 (Jack 47® original).

This is a very powerful strain that produces exceptionally vigorous plants with thick buds that get fully covered by abundant resin during flowering. The taste and aroma of this strain is fresh and sweet, with tones of incense and flowers combined with lemony citrus hints.

Indica/Sativa: 25%/75%
Indoor Yield: 500-600 g/m2
Outdoor Yield: maximum
Indoor Blooming: 7-8 weeks

Psicodelicia Specs:

This plant is a cross between a clone from the United States and a plant from Nepal whose spiced aromas bring to mind places where coffee is toasted.
A mostly Sativa plant with a very short flowering period, producing generous buds all full of resin.

The effect is typical of a mostly Sativa hybrid: energetic, clean and exciting. An ideal strain for artistic and creative activities.

Indica/Sativa: 30%/70%
Indoor Yield: 400-600 g/m2
Outdoor Yield: 450-700 g/plant
Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks

Ice Cool Specs:

Upgrade of one of our most appreciated plants, developed from a NYC Diesel line.
Extremely potent, this high yielder has a super-strong and rare exotic aroma.

A marvelous and wonderful plant with an appearance and bud growth from the Indica side and with a euphoric high, allowing one to discover its cocktail of Sativas present in its broad-based gene pool.

The resin production is exuberant. It allows for a psychedelic long-lasting high.

Indica/Sativa: 40/60%
Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoor Yield: 350-550 g/plant
Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks


Seedling Stage

10 seeds (5 x Jack47 FV, 2 x Psicodelicia and 3 x Ice Cool Originals) were started in root cubes in my "High-Kea" veg (tool) box under 125 watts of blue CFL until fully rooted.
Seedlings transplanted 0.6 liter pots in Coco and fed Canna Coco A+B (0.5ml week1) 1ml + Rhizotonic 1ml
pH 5.8, EC 1-1.20

Veg and Pre Flower Stage

Plants were then transplanted to 12 liter pots to veg for 2 weeks before being flipped. Feed at this stage was Canna Coco A+B 1ml - 1.5ml .
pH 5.8, EC 1.25-1.50


All pots moved to my DR100 under 600 watts of sodium for the remainder of veg (1 week) before flip.
Plants will be fed Canna Coco A+B 1ml-1.5ml plus Sulphos Gold C at 1ml from week 1, up to 3ml in week 3 of flowering, reducing after week 5/6 . In week 4-5 we'll also be adding Canna PK 13/14 for 4 days.

pH 5.8, EC 1.25-2.00 (during PK boost)


(lets hope we get this far :D)
Flush will be 14 days consisting of GHE Ripen for 10 days and 4 days of straight water.
pH 5.8, EC as little as possible ;)
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So, before I begin, I'd just like to take a moment to thank Tommy, Jay and the crew for giving me the opportunity to try out these seeds...cheers fellers..


Love the packaging, fair play ...

Week Zero

Cant seem to find my pics from weeks 1-2...but

Week 2/4

Week 4 (pre flip)

Week 1 of Flowering (BOOM!)

Tommy G

:|Sweet Seeds®|:
Cheers my friend!

Thanks for sharing another experience with us ;)

All looking great so far. Sweet smokes!



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Nice 1 Jamie. Girls are very happy, wishing you some lovely New Years flowers. See you have the ammo cut too, enjoy :)


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Nice start fella,
another great diary is coming ;)
I'll keep passing by and thanks for the nice words!


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Thanks for looking in everyone, things are starting to look like something good.. we're at about 2 and half weeks of 12/12 now and everything looks like it should...in a few weeks I should have some nice frosty pics to post up :)

No cuttings taken this round as I'm at capacity in terms of overall plant numbers, but I havent lolly-popped them with a view to re-vegging any that stand out :)

At this stage we're on 2.5ml per liter of Canna A+B, 2ml of Rhizo (stopping Monday at 3 weeks) and 2ml of Sulphos Gold C...I'd say of the 3 strains the J47 (in the middle) is the least sativa like in structure with a shorter stockier formation and wide indica style fans... we'll have to wait n see how much of the Jack comes through when these are done... the others are much taller and lankier (although not the skinniest of leaves, should indicate a good short finish time) and smells are starting to come through, a combination of diesel, coffee and fruit coming from the tent as a whole :)



looking good mate, and you do have a big variety in there. I have taken note how much you're feeding them to, slightly more than i give mine at this stage, but on previous grows i have certainly under fed them early part of flowering when they need a bit more


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it's a bit more than I'd usually be feeding Sativas too mate, but these seem like they're happy to munch on a higher EC :)


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Starting to bud up nicely, we're at about 3 and half weeks of flowering now.. this time next week I should have bud big enough to warrant taking individual bud shots and close ups...

The stretch is over and at this time we have J47's and I-Cools at about 4 foot, GP and Psico at around 4.5 and the Amnesia at around 5 foot.

The lanky girl at the back is an Amnesia, this was kinda the structure I was expecting for all the plants in this run (I chose My lankiest GP pheno to go in too - the original, not FV GP) however, it seems like there is plenty of the AK showing through to keep the J47s quite compact. The Ice cool is also pretty compact (thats one next to the Amnesia) and the one right at the front of the picture is the Psico, she does have the classic sativa lanky structure.. I've a mind to get a full tents worth of those to run sometime in the future... looks like my kind of lady... we;ll see.. there's a long way to go yet (5 weeks)...

til the next exciting episode, be lucky
j :tiphat:



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yikes!!! just realised how far behind I am on updates for this thread... photo update coming tonight for sure then... at this time I'm at six weeks of 12/12...and the ladies are really starting to fill out...I'll try n describe the smells later when I'm up there but tbh I'm not the best at making the descriptions and some of them smell totally otherworldly :D


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So, here we are at 6 weeks of 12/12 with 2 to 3 weeks left on this run (we hope). At this stage I've had to tailor feeds for specific strains, something I hadnt had to up until very recently. The reason for this is the Psicodelicia has been getting too much N so she is just getting P and K until flush time. The J47s have 2 weeks to go so have started the 14 day flush cycle and the 2 Ice Cool are still getting fed 1.5ml A+B and 2ml of Gold C for another 6 or 7 days before they should be ready to start finishing too ...

Smells from the Ice Cool are straight Diesel with a tang..the J47s have a sickly sweet and yet hazey smell and the Psico is much harder to describe, very tangy/funky.. I'll have to get back to you with a better description of that one, once I've isolated her a bit.

Fingers crossed, we should be seeing the 2 x GP out at the end of the week (7 weeks) as well a Zamal x Hash plant that will be at 10 week and a Jack O'Nesia that will also be at 10.. that will leave just the six sweet sativas, 1 x JON and 1 x Amnesia to finish off for 2-3 weeks and they hopefully should fatten up nicely with the extra breathing room :).

In the photos below we can see things are frosting up nicely. I think all 3 are showing great structure (the J47 pictured especially) with long stacked colas... in the next few weeks the pics should get a good bit better...



Ice Cool



any updates mr shoes, must be 8 weeks in now and looking fat! Wondering what your ice cool is smelling like particularly, as i have some at a week old :)


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8 weeks today there mr ontheball ;)

J47's don't look as done as they might... photo update and words coming tonight :)