3 x Jack 47, 1 Psico and 2 x Ice Cool - Shooeys Continuing Sweet Seeds Adventures.



Wow I missed a whole run?

I just got some green poison,killer kush and Jack47 all fv for after this run

Lol I'm in training for A little grow comp/fishing trip later in the year between a few friends in July So I figure il have a couple little samples to swap lol


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The numbers are in and I'm happy to report things are back on track. The final harvest came in at 642g with the Psicodelicia and the Amnesia giving the best individual weights ... I still say the Ice Cool is the nicest smoke of the bunch :)

Hey BGB, you and your mates will enjoy that GP out on the lake..might not get a whole lot of fishing done tho ;)

be lucky
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