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road kill skunk

  1. seattlegrown

    Road Kill Skunk

    Well I have not been in forums or done a grow diary in over 15 years or so but I thought this would be a good one that some of you may be interested in watching. Some RKS beans I received from Blue Skies Vienna... I have heard many things, good and bad. I would be interested to hear your...
  2. med-man

    Pure colombian gold (peru)

    2 Peruvian golds from deep in the #jungle of the Amazon rain forest in atalaya where #chocolate originated. my guess is this pure #landrace #columbiangold came to the region with #coca producers from #Columbia in the 80s when the columbian government cracked down on cartels and they moved to...
  3. med-man

    cereal killer™

    cereal killer™ 1990's road kill x fruity pebbles og an amazing specimen, imagine a massive yielding, resin excreting and extremely pungent commercially viable strain. smells like cereal, road kill skunk. a real winner in every way. the fpog adds size, weight and resin to the much smaller road...
  4. med-man

    road kill skunk #1 freebees/testers

    i do have a f-1 hybrid of a canadian skunky skunk #1 and a cali skunky skunk #1. both lines lean more to indica skunk side, with a couple lankier ones that pop up here and there. real reekers. i think that the mix up will be promising. i just dont have spce right now to run all my rks...
  5. med-man

    The original pnw northern lights #2

    i have been gifted a purple skunk clone. also known as purple northern lights or as nl#2. here is the story i was told. med-man

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