1. med-man

    med-man tables full and the med-man method

    as used by my award winning students teemu shelanie, unlicensed producers and phat pharmer for some reason, these are not accessable on youtube per say in my history, but are in my channel editor for ease of use im posting all the links here video 1 -...
  2. med-man

    cannabis champions college

    combined to date my college, students, apprentices, nutes, genetics, method, grow systems, consultations have netted over 400 cups heres a list of the people i can verify beyond the shadow of a doubt whom apprenticed under me and or received my consultations / use my method. sadly once i was...
  3. phatpharmer

    Medman presents The Kind Cup and expo

    Anyone else see this? where : winnipeg, manitoba, canada when : june 17-18-19 why : medical marijauna injunction fundraiser, med-mans birthday bash how : be a canadian company, and help promote and or attend, sponsor, volunteer, donate, participate i am pleased to announce manitobas first ever...
  4. H

    it begins..

    hello, first timer here. if all goes well, this thread will demonstrate not only med-mans genetic quality, but also his boosters and methods. seedlings shown up top are west coast sour diesel aka kerosene kush. of the five pictured, four showed the most vigor, were transplanted into a 3" rw...
  5. med-man

    karma cup placings

    it was a decent cup for med-man brand seeds 1st place bc special kush indica (PEDRO dominguez) 2nd place rock-star kush indica (teemu shelanie) 4th place silver skunk - hybrid 5th place purple thai - hybrid i could have done way better personaly, but didnt even have time to trim my entrees...
  6. med-man

    the prairie medicinal harvest cup

    What's up ya'll med-man brand will be attending the prarie cup this year. Come one come all. And bring your best entrees! time to set sask on fire med-man
  7. phatpharmer

    My Medman Tables & Grow #phatpharmer #phatpharms

    Hi guy's im starting this thread a bit late but better late than never I guess they say lol Im built 2 tables 4x8 following the medman method as close as I could. Im currently on day 4 of flower so im going to give you the quick version of wat I did and wat iv used to date so I can get you guys...
  8. med-man

    canadas most awarded breeder

    i would like to thank everyone that has helped me on my journey to get here. esp the ones whom challenged me the most and forced me to rise above my own indaequecies and taught me the most valuable lessons about myself! thank you very much, i appreciate it med-man
  9. med-man


    i am doing another run for cup entrees right off the hp here should be a good table run again enjoy amigos med-man
  10. phatpharmer

    420 with Medman Conkushion is Fire!

    Hey guys went to 420 in Toronto happyily chilled with Medman smoked a lot of his fine wares and was lucky enough to get a few things from him to take home as a care package and boy what a package it was!!! An awesome West Coast Sour Diesel hat and an oz of some if the finest herb iv smoked in a...
  11. med-man

    the largest production site in the world

    hello my learned peers thaddeus "med-man" conrad is proud to announce to have accepted the "director of production" role at AMCANN, the worlds largest indoor production site. i am very ecxited about representing canada , as i have been , on a global export level. expect to see my mgm genetics...
  12. med-man

    420/2014 denver

    tryna put canada back on the map entrees : west coast sour diesel, silver skunk. booyashacka med-man
  13. med-man

    med-man tables - 2 x 4x16ft - 12/600

    booyashacka i am going to bring the pain in the room my last one was a breeding project, so i didnt post much after veg. sooooo. back tot he lecture at hand i am just cleaning the room right now, and making some adjustments. i do usually recommend 1-3 grows in a room to dial her in coco soil...
  14. phatpharmer

    Grow Show Medman gear #phatpharmer #phatpharms

    Hi guys I have some time and more importantly some space so I'm going to get to start some new beans. I'll be growing the Road kill skunk 1&2 testers as well as Medmans Rockstar I'll also be doing a couple other projects I have sitting around AK48 Bubblelicious Deep Purple X bubba Kush and Deep...
  15. P

    Mad props to Med..

    Was up in Mich. This weekend and was blessed with a few nugs when I got there... Some PPK and HB.... Excellent all around man.. So much so it got me inspired enough to want to grow again. I will have to start throwing some logs together and post... Where do I order my medman t-shirt...all about...
  16. phatpharmer

    Lady Bug Og 8week cure #phatpharmer #phatpharms

    Hi guys iv been away awhile getting ready for the new MMAR changes hoping like most that the government gets there head out of there asses lol I thot id post some of my Medmans LBOG finished product pics ill post some of the plant pics soon or you can follow me on instagram Phatpharmer theres...
  17. med-man

    med-man brand commercial license production

    i am proud to say med-man brand soon be producing canadas highest quality, and lowest priced medicine in canada. i have been preapproved for production (phase 1) i foresee 6-12 months of intensive construction and growing before my product is market ready it is a very exciting time, and i...
  18. med-man

    no-dome clones

    howdy yall sick of losing clones to dampenning off, constant fanning, babysitting your babies? well, domes = stagnant air = loss to death and potentially very slow rootoing times and other issues i have found through trial and error is: using rockwool and ditching the dome has been by far the...
  19. med-man

    CHAMPS EXPO - 2014 - Toronto

    med-man brand is booked for the 2014 expo may 23-25 at the toronto convention center. i really look forward to seeing everyone i met last year, and anyone else new that makes an appearance. champs are heavies in the expo game, so this expo, as every other one has been, will be bigger and...
  20. med-man

    med-man beds

    hi guys, here is a very easy method to getting awesome, easy yields, inexpensively. 2 x 5x10 beds (could have easily been 5x12 beds for more yield) 100 plants (1p/sqft) 6 bails of sunshine or pro-mix 6-12 bags of gold label coco 100 ft 1/2 mainline 100 2gal per hour drippers 1 - 2 fan swamp...