1. med-man

    @Landracewarden hopar valley and kandahar #3

    Well. I don't excited much about modern day strains. But landrace strains have always got pumped. @landracewarden hooked me up big time. They also have super discreet packaging. I'm still waiting on 2 more offensive strains from him. Got 100% germination and these aren't even 2 weeks...
  2. med-man

    The med-taylor

    Hemp shoe Hemp lace Old school baller The dopest shoes ever made!
  3. med-man

    Mpak propak seed packaging

    If anyone wants superior seed or substance packaging for 90% off or more then the Dutch. Please hmu for pricing. Or become a seed package dope is that? #cannabis #kush #seed #seeds #cannabisseeds #retail #packaging #mpak #propak #cannabisbreeders #cannabisbreeding #breeding...
  4. med-man

    the bud bucket - dry bud trimmer

    #tomstumbler #centurionpro #thetwister #trimonator #kush #cannabis #grimreaper #harvest #trim #trimming #trim #trimmer
  5. med-man

    pink pain killer

    the original pre 96 bc pink kush
  6. med-man

    med-man tables full and the med-man method

    as used by my award winning students teemu shelanie, unlicensed producers and phat pharmer for some reason, these are not accessable on youtube per say in my history, but are in my channel editor for ease of use im posting all the links here video 1 -...
  7. med-man

    the best way to ship cannabis clones / plants

    the med-man method: lighthouse full vid here:
  8. med-man

    GSP™ girl scout pebbles

    GSP™ kind kup cookies x fruity pebbles og (sour diesel x forum cut) x (special bc skunk x tahoe og) an amazing specimen, imagine a massive yielding, resin excreting and extremely pungent commercially viable strain. smells like cereal, cookie dough, skunk . a real winner in every way. both...
  9. med-man

    The worlds first international social media cannabis cup / the kind kup 2.0 Another industry first! poster 1 a world first international social media app / online 1 strain competition win cash prizes contacts employment followers bragging rights poster 2 how to enter FOLLOW ALL: @med_manbrand...
  10. med-man

    cannabis champions college

    combined to date my college, students, apprentices, nutes, genetics, method, grow systems, consultations have netted over 400 cups heres a list of the people i can verify beyond the shadow of a doubt whom apprenticed under me and or received my consultations / use my method. sadly once i was...
  11. med-man

    Un-banned and testers needed!

    What's up growers and growettes med-man brand is back in the mf hizzouse A time out was in a way needed. But also caused mostly by my insecure and unsociable adversaries. Will do my best to help the real people that need it....and will ignore the pussy ass haters! Let's do some beans...
  12. V

    fuk wit me - new single - med-man music
  13. V

    grow life

    the newest single from med-man music like, share and sub
  14. V

    canadas first cannabis act case won Manitoba Cannabis producer wins court battle over illegal-sales fine, still fighting to get products back Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn Owner of Med-Man Brand denies selling illegal products, argues seized pot used...
  15. V

    "canadas first cannabis act trial won"

    "First #cannabisact case won in canada" When you are an expert in cannabis #production, #processing, #business and #law even the "cannabis authorities" dont want anything to do with me #lgca dropped all #charges now we are getting a #lawyer and #suing them and the #rbcconventioncenter...
  16. V

    the pot-cast

    welcome to the worlds dopest podcast! listen to the med-man pot-cast on: soundcloud, spotify, apple podcasts, castbox
  17. V

    med-man music

    some of the dopest music ever made Growerz and packs
  18. misterD

    Fruity pebbles OG

    Hola icer's I saw that droped online today! Is it a F2 ? ... it's prolly too early to relate, but any info would be appreciate! :peacock:
  19. D

    Verifying Authenticity

    Can anyone help I recently picked up some seeds from a local vendor and they were labelled conkushion cheese. Said they were a med-man strain but I cant seem to find a listing anywhere. Wanted to make sure before linking to something that isnt legit in a grow journal etc etc. Thanks in...
  20. D

    meds-web cbd strain info

    just noticed this meds-wed CBD strain the description said not suitable for smoking. does it taste bad or make your head hurt? can't find a picture or reviews. is it anything like AC/DC? any info would be much appreciated