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    This summer I was in Groningen, in the Coffeshop Taverne Oasis I bought,:



    The shop is 5 minutes out of the inner city. They gave me a discount, where I didn´t ask for, very friendly!


      hey buddy ... didnt they give you grief about not being local? a friend was recently visiting down in that area and they wouldnt sell to him...

      edit: my mistake, I just realised he was down by Breda... not Groningen
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        Thanks for backing it up. Compared to what? Homegrown? Us-Dispensary stuff? Spanish social clubs? If you don't mind me asking! However, tolerance is also quite important when rating stuff. I'm with you as said though.


        Firstly, I'm not that guy with his friend. Secondly, I agree with you! Quality is mediocore on the average. Doesn't really matter if a locals place or so called tourist shop - at best it differs in price!


        I'm sick of that crap, too. Not getting high respectively barely is far too exaggerated. Nonetheless as I pointed out a bit in the other thread there is definitely a decrease in quality going on since a couple of years. You won't find the holy grail that easily outside of the centre, either. Locals in my humble opinion tend to look for cheap priced gear and I don't judge it, especially outside in the rest of the Netherlands the scene is pretty much like that as well. Outstanding stuff(especially weedwise)is hard to find. Classic strains like White Widow, Northern Lights et cetera are often poorly grown these days. Better quality you often only find at a higher price range(12€+)and it's mostly boring Amnesia or similar 'hazes'.

        Better let's get back to topic and focus on the still remaining good stuff to be found.


        Cheers, I've heard of Taverne Oasis but haven't been. As said I had that type respectively batch of Afghan in the Hague(Cremers).

        Tomorow afternoon or evening I will be sitting in De Graal(vacation time ) after picking up most of the stuff the Dam has to offer at the minute smoking my tits off .

        Roll on monday!

        By the way I like those ridiculous smileys available here


          Originally posted by JamieShoes View Post
          hey buddy ... didnt they give you grief about not being local? a friend was recently visiting down in that area and they wouldnt sell to him...

          edit: my mistake, I just realised he was down by Breda... not Groningen
          No it was no Problem, in Goningen you can buy as a foreinger, but only 5 Gramm a day. Good that my wife was with me, so she had to buy Hash the first time in her life.


            hahaha... I bet she loved that
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              Originally posted by JamieShoes View Post
              hahaha... I bet she loved that
              My wife is cool, little bit afraid of the dutch/german border, but she did it. Better I bought it and it was clear that´s for my wife. We were in a 2nd coffee shop and bought there 10 Gramm also.


                I went to Amsterdam and didn't get high!

                Just kidding:


                Decided between 24K Gold(15€/g)and Kosher Kush Jew Gold(15€/g)for former one as the latter didn't look too special beside that batch only consisted of tiny buds. Not saying 24K Gold looked special either but fruity smell and similar taste were good enough. Effects were sativaish. Overall good enough but a shame you have to pay 15€/g for such gear these days. As said before though(enough is enough at least for today).

                Same menu as online!

                Tweede Kamer:

                Got Tbisla(12€/g)recommended again but opted for Rif Ice-O-Lator(20€/g)as this particular batch looked way better than the last one some months ago.
                Quite dark and shiny(trichomes!)but low smelling moroccan. Long lasting effects but not that strong(last batch was stronger), more uplifting. Especially as it was the second joint of the day(with very low tolerance if at all as pointed out). Didn't taste that much either(but in the end this isn't too surprising as it's an ice-o-lator and they tend to taste less that's why among other reasons dry sift is always priority)so quite overpriced. Perhaps better in a bong though.

                While smoking I noticed I overlooked AK OG Kush Block(moroccan[no rifman], guess which strains are supposed to be involved?, 14€/g)and got me something off the block. Glad I did as it's the overall winner of this trip! Smell remotely reminds me of that Cheese Pollen(similar oily consistency but feeling more natural as stupid as this may sound though)but nonetheless has its own spicy smell(same goes for the taste). Also cut through the Rif Ice smoked before(heady and body high)so definitely a winner, also when it comes to price/performance ratio(Note: I'm not saying 14€ are cheap. We're talking about stupid coffeeshop prices.).


                Looked at Purple(foreign genetics moroccan, 10€/g)which was a dark flowery smelling hashish. Luckywise I could get my hands on some very similar moroccan at home(bit better)some weeks ago. Since I'm stocked up on that one I wasn't too intersted in Utopia's offer but it's good mid-grade. Bit overpriced due to centre location of this shop though! Still same menu as online!


                Firstly, I don't like Barneys. Secondly, I wanted to take at least a look at the Tiple X(26€/g)but was told it's still listed but sold out since a few months.


                I don't like Greenhouse either. Nothing new hashwise, their showpiece moroccan is still Super Lemon Haze Cream(18€/g).

                Blue Bird:

                Budtender didn't know how long supplies will last(I was kind enough asking) but Cheese Pollen(moroccan, 12,5€/0.8g) was a wicked smoke and as good as last time. Still indeed roughly smelling like Blue Cheese in opposite to a lot of strains/hashes not smelling as advertized(consistency is a bit strange though somehow). Maybe a tad less weaker in effects especially as it was the very first joint after four weeks(not the strongest anyway it's more about taste in this case )but perhaps had to do with me being in the clutches of some kind of nutter talking to me insistently. So I couldn't focus on the effects so much - on the other side it was strong enough shielding his drivel as I forgot all of it fortunately*lol*.

                No buzz kill and this is again my personal favourite of this trip! I'm quite biased when it comes to Cheese strains though!

                De Graal:

                Quite soft and blonde 'Quad 0000'(moroccan, 25€/g)has got an impressive texture and really beautiful smell. Consistency also felt natural in opposite to some putty moroccan hashes from the Rifman range at Original Dampkring respectively Tweede Kamer/Dampkring II I often find suspicious(all bought hashes looked nice in their own ways using the pocket scope by the way). Effects were uplifting but not that strong, especially considering such a high price(luckywise they sell smaller amounts, too). Budtender(grey pigtail, never seen before)has never come across such gear. Me neither.
                Nonetheless being special nowhere near worth 25€/g. Also had some Shoreline(14€/g, didn't saw it elsewhere)which was as good as before taste- as smellwise. So despite the kinda sell out vibe before upcoming closure when looking at such prices(was overpriced Triple X at Barneys sold out because of the owner of De Graal being faster this time?*lol*)I had a great stay there again. Last but definitely not least I talked with the staff and they told me there is a kind of rumor going on Mayor of Amsterdam wants to suspend upcoming closure of coffeeshops in January, 2016 due to the local council being against the closure. They are still fighting it seems. Hope this isn't just a rumor but they were quite positive about it.


                Not so much into Katsu. Only came for the Strawberry Moroccan Resin(pre-bagged, 20€/0.6g)as I saw it mentioned on the day Smokersguide released their video of 'Cannabis Picnic in Sarphati Park' on YouTube(I don't trust Smokersguide or that Pyrah dude as I never saw a critical review there but it's ok enough for inspiration). That stuff was in fact goo and smelt like moroccan hash(I didn't smell any strawberry but I didn't expect it to smell like it to say the least*lol*). If definitely packed a punch(more body stoned). As a responsible visitor of the coffeeshop scene I don't want to rock the boat too much so go and look for yourself. Blonde older lady who always is a bit grumpy and not willing to give informations finally gave in after me being insistent enough and confirmed my guess(did anyone say hair straightener?). That's the part where I turned into a nutter by the way. All in all this stuff was something worth and fun trying but I still prefer dry sift moroccan and don't see a real reason turning mid-grad(or even better? I hope not. Wouldn't make sense economically either)into this. Smoked bit in a joint and also bonged the rest of it before boarding. It was early evening and Katsu was quite busy. Stayed for a joint and had a lovely little chat with some older locals.

                Others: Nothing new at the Original Dampkring, Green Place, Siberie, Kadinsky and Club Media. Same menus as online.

                Résumé: Quite a good time for lovers of hashish at the minute! So everyone going enjoy! Since I had some busy two days picking up good gear in always busy Amsterdam I changed plans last minute(Amsterdam can be inspiring. Luckywise checked on bookings already)and will now definitely go to Arnhem coming weekend(Fr-Sun)for relaxing after relaxing
                Mayhaps with a side-trip to the Dam if I throw a fit. Or other side-trips. I return to the Dam in December anyway.

                Roll on weekend!


                  Important things I forgot

                  Not so much into ice-o-lators/bubble/bho but sellout is going on as Greenhouse is selling OG Kush('waterhash', 60€/g)and Tweede Kamer is offering Kosher Kush Ice(80€/g).

                  By the way I also found this Strawberry Moroccan Resin delivered a lot more taste than Tweede's Rif Ice-O-Lator.


                    Another one forgotten:

                    Cheese(13€ if memory serves me right)at De Graal was still listed but sold out unfortunately


                      lol yeah I see those 80 p/g hashes, makes me chuckle man... to think they used to just throw their trim away

                      sounds like you covered a lot of ground in a short time this trip... some nice bit n pieces found along the way it seems (hard to say without having a proper look and taste ) but in any case, it sounds like it was a whats your plans for the next trip man? there's a few ppl planning a visit for what was the HTCC dates (24/28th) then on the 4th of Dec there is a dabadoo at Milas
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                        Sorry again, I was about Cheese hash(moroccan)at De Graal


                          Originally posted by JamieShoes View Post
                          lol yeah I see those 80 p/g hashes, makes me chuckle man... to think they used to just throw their trim away

                          sounds like you covered a lot of ground in a short time this trip... some nice bit n pieces found along the way it seems (hard to say without having a proper look and taste ) but in any case, it sounds like it was a whats your plans for the next trip man? there's a few ppl planning a visit for what was the HTCC dates (24/28th) then on the 4th of Dec there is a dabadoo at Milas
                          'To think they used to just throw their trim away' priceless, cheers! Their mostly offered is your better trim then as said(enough ranting for today)!

                          Amount I smoked isn't that much nonetheless such visits feel more like a marathon than real enjoyment as I would love to have access to high grade moroccan import on the regular to calmy enjoy those goodies in a familiar atmosphere. You know what I mean but as said it's primarily for inspiration. Thanks for commenting I enjoyed my stay! By the way I can't provide any pictures(I don't even have a camera)but you can trust me I know my hash(still plenty to learn of course)and frequent coffeeshops since about twenty years. In the end doesn't matter how good a hash smells or looks the proof is in the pudding(doesn't matter how banal this may sound).

                          I wil most probaby be in town closely before christmas(overnighter) but not for those dates of this coffeeshop cup(if one's up. time will tell. Enjoy if you're going peeps!). Thanks for offering though. I know a bit about Mila's work and I quite respect it but personally not much into oils(gets my tolerance way too high anyway)even though I like it very strong!
                          Enjoy your stay and help to keep this thread active!


                            Unfortunately I must have caught a cold somewhere last week(Amsterdam was a bit too much?) as I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat, running nose and headaches.
                            So no smoking in Arnhem then but luckywise hash yogurts are much more than a simple substitute.

                            Beside stocking up at Thc for nice moroccan Golden Super(11€/g, similar to Tweede Kamer's and Original Dampkring's Tbisla for 12€/g)I also visited moroccan owned Uncle Sam for the first time. Not the prettiest area of town but shop was unexpectedly comfortable.
                            Asked for their recommendation hashwise and polite bartender in his fifties insisted on me trying their Puntjes(blonde moroccan, 8€/g).
                            Also I was shown the other slab of their most expensive Uncle Sam(10€/g)but went for his recommendation.
                            Not something super special but nice value for money!
                            There were beside Super Pollen(8€/g)two other lower priced hashes available and about five standard strains.

                            Weather was sunny and despite being ill I enjoyed my weekend in Arnhem. There will always be next time!


                              Originally posted by JamieShoes View Post
                              too often I read ppl saying... I went to amsterdam, spent the whole time in a 1km square, couldnt find anything decent... well you don't say.. try leaving the tourist areas for 5 minutes eh guys? ...
                              Very much agree. Get away from the Dam area, you find decent shops. Ride the train to a few different cities....a different vibe and great shops.

                              Anywhere I travel, I take the "go where locals go" attitude.
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                                So, this just in....

                                last night I was at the unity cup award ceremony in Amsterdam where I think around 15 of the more well known shops entered... one shop I hadnt really heard of also entered... theyre called Superfly.. you know it?

                                Most likely not, and the reason for this is, this shop is not actually in Amsterdam, it is in Hoofdorp which is a tiny little place just the other side of Schiphol... around 25 minutes by train from central...or 4 minutes from Schiphol...

                                Now, why are you telling us this, Jamie? Well... Superfly whitewashed the whole thing, took home the top award in all four categories... not to mention their hash weighed in at over 80% THC (I think thats the one that was 80% anyway).

                                Whether or not they sell to tourists and all that I'll have to let you know after I make a visit in the next few days...
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