Wifi and Csg GdoggyP Mixed run

Hello fellow growers, finally got my wifi to clone so I have a mixed run of wifi and csg grandoggypurps going to hopefully find some new mothers of top shelf.

The back 2 rows are wifi and the front three rows are mostly the gdoggyp. They got off to a rough start because i tried a different nute and had severe deficincies.
Switched to gh 3 part and off to the races.

I took large clones for this run, around 9 inches, hoping to cut down on veg time but the nute disaster delayed me some.

First pic unit at first day of veg.


Next pic 18 days later at flip.


The wifi in the upper left corner is going to be a monster, along with its sister.

The gdoggyp has nice structure and strong stems and branches.
Going to be and interesting run.

All plants have been topped with most having 3 branches with 3 growing shoots at flip.

Swan Lee

LOL ,When i saw WiFi ,i thought you were controlling your grow from a distant computer :biggrin:...so where does that name come from ?(getting rediculous,some of these names lately).
Lovely clean grow.man,I'll pull up a chair and puff on me pipe.looking forward to this one:tiphat:
Swan, the strain is an OGRaskal creation like veek said it is the white crossed with a fire og hence wifi. Plants look very sturdy and og structure. I hope it is great smoke.

The grandoggypurps from csg is also very interesting. It also has very sturdy branches and a stench already in veg.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. OG


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Looking forward to seeing these. GDgP is still one of my top girls. I hope you find some great phenos!

AK, honored you stopped by. Am finally using dm liqid light and saturator, really impressive spray.
Using a pheno tracking sheet this run for the last bit of documentation needed to get the whole
picture of a particular strain and pheno.

Continued good luck on all your endeavours, OG


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Hey older!

Your setup looks awesome!
Maybe one day i will have the room for something like that.
Im following your thread!
day 7 flower update

day 7 flower update

Well hit day 7 flower and wifi #24 is towering above the others

#24 wifi


Wifi #22 inbetween #24's


Gdoggyp very sturdy


Have been leaf pruning as needed and see middle row is shorter
due to plant replacement earlier on. Other wise all are looking well.
Most are growing 1 inch per day and all are topped.

Canopy shot

Hey lazy, thanks for stopping by, my grow area looks bigger than it is,
only 22sqft. With 25 ladies stuffed in there it gets to be a jungle, lots of
leaf pruning and i lose control of the back area because I can only reach from
the front but work with what u got, for sure. GL with your endeavours, OG
:kewlpics::canabis: glad to hear gh is workin for you, its ease is unbeatable.

What ec you runnin the 3 pt at?..looks healthy OG.

il be tagging along for the grow interested to see THOSE WIFIS.

Think, thanks for stopping by. Hell yeah that wifi was tough to clone but a little heat
really helped with cloning. Upate with photos coming in a couple days for wk 2 flower. OG

Purple, I usually run dutch master in flower but used my standby gh until I got my DM.
I am running aerokrafters nute regieme. Don't use ec but am running 430 to 480 ppm during bloom. Thanks for stopping by also, OG
day 14 flowering update

day 14 flowering update

Well, its day 14 and all is well. Here are some pics of progress so far

Group shot

Wifi flowering

Gdoggyp flowering

And attached are my pheno tracking sheets and flower data sheet.
GL to all OG


  • gdoggyp 31 & 32 pheno data.jpg
    gdoggyp 31 & 32 pheno data.jpg
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  • gdoggyp 33 & 34 pheno data.jpg
    gdoggyp 33 & 34 pheno data.jpg
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  • wifi 22 & 23 pheno data.jpg
    wifi 22 & 23 pheno data.jpg
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  • wifi 24 and 21 pheno data.jpg
    wifi 24 and 21 pheno data.jpg
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  • wk 1 & 2 flower data.jpg
    wk 1 & 2 flower data.jpg
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That wifi is a beast, if its similar to the cut I had, she is very hard to control, triple tied down, pinched, etc... if u can tame her, the smoke is simply amazing, def a keeper in my book. No veg required she will fill out as nice as any. Looks good they look , happy, happy, happy.

Good luck
Hey nug thanks for stopping by. Two of my phenos must be fire og
leaning, they are definately tall. The tallest started flower at 15 inches
and is now 46 day 22 flower. Can anyone say YETTI, it wants
to rip the light down.

Anyway, a few pics day 22 flower

GdogP flower




Thats the big wifi top off to right.

GL to all, OG
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Mine looked like an S, i had to retie sometimes as much as twice a week, i also had pico's trellis to weave them through as well. Thats after multiple pinch, she finally stopped late into the 4th week, maybe even early 5th week. Wifi was hands down the fastest growing plant I've ever worked with, not uncommon to get 2-4in growth in 24 hrs.

Good luck
Yeah nug, I have a lot of head room, stretch seems to have stopped so all is well.
Hoping to find a couple great phenos of wifi and csg gdoggyp for the mom room. These were all topped to 3 main shoots. I really love the open structure of the og leaning wifi.


AWESOME! very cool show OG! gunna ride this one out, cant wait to see those WIFIs!!! I had a buddy down south who would ALWAYS have delicious OG strains and WiFi was by far one of my favorite smokes i tried...

Good luck, but by the looks of it you shant need any!


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