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Wholesale pot prices plummet. Now there starting to get better


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Is there some reason it should cost lots more than tobacco? Which is a tenth of what we are saying here. To consumers.

Tobacco yields are higher per acre, but not by the same magnitude.

How much processing has a bag of sugar been through. A pound of cheese. A liter of whiskey is a Kg.
Cannabis was expensive when it was done in secrecy, and jail was the risk, not mites. When a big grow was in a domestic property.
Now you can grow acres of pot like it was potatoes. Why would the price be even remotely similar.


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For a bag of pre-ground with stems, some seeds, maybe some bird shit, sure. For anything handled with care, cured, hand trimmed, I think the price will need to be higher than tobacco. Extracts can be very inexpensive since that processing can be done on a large scale and doesn't require much fine work like trimmed flower does.

Small scale people are going to get hurt, but I actually think a lot of the legal producers are going to get crushed. They have a lot of overhead and money invested and likely promised their investors sky high returns. When the price of their product drops to 5% of what it used to be....