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Wheres the best smoke


For exclusively picking up and a good quality-to-price index, I recommend the Amsterdam Genetics coffeeshops – in particular Boerejongens West & De Bij which are both located, you guessed it in the west side of town (de Baarsjes neighborhood to be precise) and are located minutes walking from each other.

Amsterdam Genetics has a few other shops and partner shops both in Amsterdam. I believe CS Johnny and 2e Kamer/Dampkring (haarlemerstraat) are partner shops, and DNA (Amsterdam-zuid); Blue Tomato (Hoorn) and La Regine (Haarlem) are other shops they own, so if you're feeling adventurous then those are worth considering. Voyagers is a good obvious answer that usually will have something at least decent, and easy to find. Club Media is pretty decent too. And if you're willing to go further afoot t' Grasje (Utrecht) & High Society (Leiden) are both worth checking out.

Alas the best is contacts outside the shops these days unfortunately, but as most tourists and Dutchies are perfectly content with the declining quality and rising prices in the CS's so it makes finding such reliable contacts a chore in and of itself...


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Im gonna be in Amsterdam in less than 12 hours,any suggestions on bubblehash/jelly hash/isolator from the coffeeshops are more than welcome,is the stuff at barneys worth the money or should i look elsewhere?theres not to much info online


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I went to zandvoort yesterday, got some blackberry kush confidentalcheese and some tangie block.
Got 6g for 5 and a shirt :) the budtender was high as fuck


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Voyagers has always done right by me. Of course the cannabis comes at a premium price, they are located in a very prime location...

I've also had good luck at 1e Hulp and Loft. Loft is affiliated with several other shops spread throughout the city which I have not visited but assume good pot can be found at these as well. I know Siberie and de Supermarkt are two of the affiliated shops.

There is also Katsu, right off the Albert Cuyp market. Cool little shop with a good selection of weeds, the Mango Haze was notable a couple years ago.

Wherever you go, ask to see/smell the stuff you're interested in. I'm always respectful, always get fair service, and almost always get exactly what I'm looking for :joint:

edit: Don't know how I forgot, but I have to add Paradox. Maybe not the best, most potent weed, but always a fair product at a very cozy little shop in the Jordaan.

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