where to get good recreational in denver?


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I been to Denver a few years back when CO first went recreational, was visiting a buddy. He lived in Denver but he worked in Boulder at Trill Alternatives, I enjoyed their fare tbh. Bruce Banner, Durban Poison. They used to be medicinal only but I believe they have since went recreational. Hope this helps.


I live about 2 hours west of Denver. I dont make it down to the city too often anymore, especially since the Rona hit. But when I do, I always like to stop at the House of Dankness in the Stapleton area. Its where Rare Dankness' breeding operation is. Scott from RD invented/patented the sealed can packaging several years ago. Basically they are pre packaged 1/8ths in "tuna can" like containers. The herb is usually perfectly cured before being packaged in the cans that are injected with something (stoned and cant remember at the moment) that creates an oxygen free environment, so the herb doesnt age or dry any further than when it was packaged.
These things are just awesome for international travel (if they ever let americans do that sort of thing again). I have brought them to europe and every other place Ive visited with no problems ever. They have sales on these cans twice a week, where certain strains are sold for $18 each ! My boss goes down there regularly and buys whatever the maximum allowable amount is. The Starkiller, Ox, Tangerine Kush and 501 are all personal tops, but you cant go wrong with any of them. Scott is a G I like to support good people like him that have done well in the industry. Homie is self made


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it's worth it to drive to boulder, I get some bud between harvests usually from the farm, they grow soil and never spray in flower, on average it's better quality never too dry, drift has some pretty good bud too but a bit more pricey, drift is where I got the don shula from, every now and again they have sour and 91, the farm has some killer house strains I have some of their goat head right now which is golden goatXheadband, they have some sour strawberry crosses they've done, they sell seeds of most of the crosses 6 for $15
14ers in Boulder. Some of the tastiest weed I've ever smoked. My favorite is Moonshine haze. Always pick up a couple of nug buckets for a buck fifty an ounce. Great weed, great price.
Wolfpac for top shelf product with top shelf prices. They carry Cookies and other hype flower. Apothecary down in Pueblo (they may be in denver) has really good HCFSE and HTFSE along with other nice carts and extracts. That is their specialty. They have daily deals.
Nitrogen sealed is the gas you were looking for. They had a good sale on them when I was there. Sadly full of Xanax (heavy time in my life) I don't remember going to the damn place. I wasn't driving...


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Garberville, CA trim jobs question?

Garberville, CA trim jobs question?

Been in the area for a week around Weott and drive into Garberville in front of Ray's grocery store. Seem to be the place to find work ? When does the big demand start and is there a better spot in Eureka or Arcadia to find gigs before the OD starts ?
Got 2 days of bucking guys OD of all sun leaves on a team of 6 @ 20$/hr.
Trimming jobs seem to be hit and miss ?