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what is your LONG dayhike pack consist of?



yeah you never know when a knife will come in handy , i always have one and try to make sure kk is always carrying her's .

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^oh man. You could get mauled and killed by a bear in the wild while fucking a modified flash light. your mom will be proud.
Am I the only one who dreams of taking off 1 day with a backpack full of weed and the normal supply items mentioned in this thread....along with a few hundred seeds........and staying out in the mountains for a very long time? I am talking like a few years. I have dreamt of that since I was a kid. That is the one thing I want to accomplish before I die. I want to live off the grid and start with nothing except what I can carry in. I might want to have a cabin built before hand but still my dream.

Speaking of this dream, since I dont own land in the mountains, where would one go to do something like this where I would not get myself into a heap of trouble? I hate trespassers, but in this case I think you would almost have to if I wanted to carry out this dream. Canada maybe? Throw some idea's at me so when my kids are all grown and gone I can take the wife and go hide for a few years......or maybe forever. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.....no cell phones, no cars, no police, no people judging you everyday, no bill collectors(LOL).....truly a life worth living, that is until I have to fight bears and mountain lions everyday. Still want to give it a go.


My long day hike pack will have

1. emergency kit
-one of them filter drinking straws
-20ft length of parachute cord with a painters hook on the end (tying shoe laces/hanging shit in trees)
-waterproof matches
-headlamp w/ xtra batteries
-sqeeter head net
-serrated pocket knife
-a couple tubes of zipfizz (high energy powder drink)
-ancient bag of almonds
-bic lighter

maybe some other things... I dunno depends on the location, climate, weather

On top of that I'll usually carry between 1 and 3 liters of water depending on the weather.

My camera w/ extra batteries

bag of ganja and my chillum and/or papers

rain shell

apples, chocolate, nuts, trail mix, fruit cups, elk/antelope jerky, cookies, etc...

notebook, 2 pens, and a sharpie

Mostly it depends on where Im going and what time of year. The above is more or less a basic bag of shit that always comes with. I probably missed a bunch of stuff. My bag is all torn apart after this summers abuse


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Mine pretty much is the same except instead of a mirror I use a old c.d. I dont pack matches b/c I feel I can get more flame per space with lighters. I usually pack 5 or 6 lighters not including the one in my pocket only Bic's will do. I never leave without Duct tape, foil and the largest roll of dental floss or heavy monofilament for teather. a small bottle of veg oil is pretty handy. a few lightsticks, and a firebrick there basically wax with sawdust nice when you need them. Rubbing alcohol is handy for small stoves to a disenfectent to a drity pipe. and of course my bag of dank with a pipe and papers. ALLWAYS a a bunch of assorted sized fishing hooks they can be a lifesaver
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Just a day hike? Umm lighter, weed, bowl, cigs, knife, wallet, boots and clothes. I know my woods pretty damn well though; if I'm going somewhere else it's almost always for at least a couple days.


You guys really carry ALL THAT STUFF when you go hiking!? I wouldn't be able to walk if I were to bring all those things, lol.
I just stick to basics: weed, lighter, water, some food and a knife, that's it.And if I'm able to put it all in my pockets and not carry a backpack that's even better!:tiphat:


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Phone (camera and torch)
Extra layer, preferably waterproof.
cereal bar
camo snood.
Your laughing at Umbrella. Lets see you skin up in the pouring rain then. With your hood up, so you can't hear anything. I will keep my dry zone ty. Enjoy your wet spliff.
Kitchen tissue.
Plastic bags

I have a list of weather conditions and what items I wear. For hiking in, and standing out.

As a rule,,
Folding saw.
Secateur multi-tool
Folding Sickle
Sharpening tool
Plants :)


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weed, bowl, Bic, water bottle, fly rod, fly box, & tippet material was enough the first 63 years. now i add a S&W 442 in .38 +P, and 5 extra rounds. if i have my pants on i have a knife...went fishing exactly once in life and got caught by unexpected thunderstorm. only a mile from the jeep that time though. hard candy & maybe beef jerky if staying until dark...


Feeding the ducks with a bun.
I live on an island so I dont need much when out for a hike.
A coupla joints if I'm in the mood.
Extra waterproof layer if it looks like the weather may turn.
Maybe a snack like a KIND bar or some venison jerky.
SIG P938 with extra mag.
A few lures and leaders along with terminal tackle and a rod if planning on fishing.
Bug juice if it's that time of year.

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