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Well old stoners, how long have you been smoking and what got you started?


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Late teens. Now am in mid sixties, but there were lots of dry times, in between. So, been about 45 years, for me, too. Curiosity, i suppose. Maybe looking for 'enlightenment'.

Way better for me than alcohol.


On my 16th bday, at the Beach in South Texas.
I will be 73 in July.
So been a toker for 57 years.
My best bud had just returned from California.
Mexican dirt weed rolled in Strawberry papers.

I can still remember the taste of strawberry and chocolate flavored papers.
Keep on token bro.


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Seems like it was yesterday. My dads youngest brother had me take a puff when I was 12...maybe close to 13. I will never forget it...opened up my senses such that I wanted to know more.


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1971 My girlfriend turned me on, her older bro had the stuff. We would smoke on a neighbor's in-ground trampoline, then we would screw. 16 yrs old, and I would go back in a heartbeat, IF I could know what I know now, back then. Couple years later I found a good acid connection, and was trippin windowpane as a HS senior on the reg. Had some bad influences for friends... I started Junior College after a semester stoner break, when I decided poverty sucked, and I had to take all the math and science stuff I should have taken in HS as a senior, just to catch up.

50 years later I am back on track, catching up on all the good dope I didn't smoke while making a living off that schoolin'.
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I'm old as dirt

I'm old as dirt

What got me started was just the random passage of time. Went to a party once in 1970. My grade school friend says lets go outside for a while i want to show you something. He was 16 i had just turned 17.

We walk into the woods and he whips out an ounce and a pipe. When i figured out that weed was the greatest thing that ever happened to musicians i was a confirmed user. As long as i keep playing i will keep smoking.


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The first time I ever smoked it was the roughest way imaginable. I was 12. My friend said i should try it. He had this wood pipe he made at school with a sink screen in it. Old already burnt schwag in there. No lighter around but a lit candle in the room with q tips available. Yes, i lit a qtip on fire and burned already burnt herb from a wood pipe. It was awful. I never tried it again for about a year. Then i found out about all the variety out there and all my friends started getting cars and we would burn ride everywhere. I can still remember just being so pumped on friday for school to be over so we could all go puff either in my buddies garage or on some back roads. What an easy simple time it was.


2 herkin bong hits of imported Columbian gold out of a double cooler on the way home from school. No need to say what year.


46 n started at 13, I used to “borrow” bit of the parents an older friend also toked so it was hash up till late 90’s for me.
I scored in the city and ended up selling hash also, like many others I’m sure.


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Smoking weed was sooooo much fun when I was a kid. That is, until I had the worst anxiety and paranoia attack you can imaging. It was bad enough to swear me off it for 40 years.

I can smoke now, but I'm the ultimate one hitter quitter. And that can give me a great buzz. I'm as reliable a THC content tester as any lab. lol. Now if I'm at a live concert, I can pull out my pipe and smoke hash all night long and feel great. Maybe it's the hash vs weed. I don't know.

So I'm a hash guy for sure. The majority of friends my age are hash guys as well. The women are definitely weed smokers.


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my parents left for a vacation around 8 am and i immediately called my friends about ten minutes later who arrived with some pot and tequila right after that. we were bound and determined to make the most of every hour of freedom. took a couple hits and it was paranoia city. been smoking it ever since.


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im 45 and have been smoking since the early 70's....dont see myself stopping any time soon :)...caprichoso. i grew up in Mill Valley, right across the bay from you, real close to the same time you were hiding in the bushes :) small world

When I read this I was thinking how fast time really goes...I’m 61 now and still smoking as much as I can :biglaugh: it’s legal now and times have changed a bit in the last few years. We have made a lot of lifetime friends on this site, it’s been fun!!


When I read this I was thinking how fast time really goes...I’m 61 now and still smoking as much as I can :biglaugh: it’s legal now and times have changed a bit in the last few years. We have made a lot of lifetime friends on this site, it’s been fun!!

You've been on this site a long time. Time does go by faster every year seems like it goes by twice as fast as the last one. I wish it would slow down.


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Holy shit, I started this thread 15 years ago lol. I had no recollection except the story itself after I read it again. That's me! I've killed over an hour reading it. Thank you cannabis gods.

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