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Welcome to our new Mentor!


Original Editor of ICMagazine
Greetings everyone! The Cannabis Infirmary has a new mentor, MynameStitch. She has volunteered to answer questions and look over this forum to help everyone with sick plants...

Please give Stitch a hearty welcome and help grow this forum into the future of plant healthiness! :)


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And the crowd goes wild..

Pre-empted thanks for taking the time ta help...



Active member
Hasn't she always helped out? or is this just the "official" welcome?

either way, welcome, and a big thank you:thank you::thank you::woohoo:


Original Editor of ICMagazine
Recognition for work well done! Stitch has always been quite forthcoming with advice...it will be nice to see her around more often - hopefully!!!


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:flowers2:Thanks for all the work you put into the sick plant guide Stitch.That one thread taught me so much,everthing nessecary for sucess.
Congratulations and :thank you:


I feel a little embarrassed, I thought MNS was a fully armored moderator. With, like, keys to certain rooms in the castle an' ever'thang. Either way, congratulations and thank you.


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Stitch has been an invaluable resource to me long before I joined ICMAG. Somehow welcome doesn't seem appropriate..... how about congratulations, and thanks for the information that you have provided over the years.