Thrips 101: Introduction to Western Flower Thrips


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The right hand column DIRECTIONS FOR USE It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Read all Directions for Use carefully before applying. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. AVOID FREEZING

Of course the Internet being the internet there is this anecdotal evidence:

The link below contradicts the "information" about heat mentioned above. DiPel and Thuricide are the trade names that contain spinosad and both warn against storing at high temps.

Dipel is Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki...It is good for thrips though.


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I have a bunch of these, and they keep showing upon fresh sticky cards.I have nematodes in th soil, and spray "purecrop1" on the leafs. Little black bastards with a v shaped antenna.



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Just ran through this thread, and noticed I saw no mention of Conserve SC.

Conserve SC is a spinosad product whose concentration puts everything else to shame. Monterey and Captain Jack's are 0.5% Spinosad, where as Conserve SC is 11%. It's much more expensive initially at $130-$150 a quart, but you're only using 2.5ml (max) per gallon, as opposed to Monterey and Captain Jack's at 2oz per gallon.

$150 per quart (946.35ml), with a usage rate of 2.5ml/gal = 378.5 treatments at $0.39 cents per treatment

Monterey at $30 per qt (32oz), with a 2oz/gal usage rate = 16 treatments at $2 per treatment.

I'm sure this has been brought up in other threads, but being the "main" thirp thread, I thought it might help here as well. Oh, and there is a product called Conserve Naturalyte that I think I saw posted in the thread, which is another .05%.

I use conserve sc for my thrip control now. It’s the best in this category 100%.


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That looks like them!! Thanks. They don't seem to be doing any harm. Purecrop1 doesn't phase them. I took VG's suggestion and sprinkled a handful of neem seed meal on the top of the cover crops on the affected plants last night. These have also started to show up on the cards in the big tent too, but not near as thick.

The plants with the most of these aren't very healthy. Those are going outside as soon as a storm front passes this weekend. Then I will be bringing in 10 gallon bags of soil to up-pot the three migos in my 2nd run. That soil has nematodes, worms, and is crawling with worm bin mites (the good ones I hope).


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Yeah. They don't look like much trouble. Thanks again. The pots with the thickest infestation are going outside tomorrow.

I need a USB microscope.

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BUMP ! haha;

always able to find the information I need on ICMAG!

First time battle with thrips and I've been growing for almost 20 years!

Spinosad to the rescue. Picking up some today. Luckily, this has only effected my Veg / Mom room.

I plan on applying foliar 3 times over the course of a week, along with soil drench down at least 4 inches.

Then it's clone time and into the DWC!