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Diary The Pheonix Project


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It’s the first harvest time for the Aero Room!

We are cutting this down tonight.

View attachment 18924536

Some bud shots:

View attachment 18924537

View attachment 18924538

View attachment 18924539

View attachment 18924540

View attachment 18924541

The next generation is so vigorous it needs a coral!

View attachment 18924542

The dirt room is starting to pop off at 3 weeks of bloom.

View attachment 18924543

Here’s a short video update:

I’ll be sure to do some dried bud shots and buzz impressions in the next update. For now, here are some of my favorite shots that I will pass around:

View attachment 18924544

View attachment 18924545

As always, your questions and comments are welcome.


The Phoenix truly coming back with the fire!


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Happy harvest Green Rush Farms! So glad you were able to salvage some cuts and keep things going. Looks like some incredible medicine! You got this batch just right looks like!-- Happy Thanksgiving and have a good Holiday season! :smoke:


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The Stork Machine!


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December 6 Update

I think I have the new Aero room figured out. Getting the clone size, pruning plan, even canopy management, and refining the diet are the primary goals. And it only took 1 rotation to get the data together.

Here’s the first Unit of the second rotation at 14 days bloom:


I plan on only thinning this and doing a medium defoliation. Of course leaving the lower leaves on to become foliar spray targets in flower.

I am mostly known for my Aero grows. Here’s a blast from the past:


But I am getting a chance to get dirty again and loving it!

Here’s a view of a couple tall girls getting close to 10 foot:


Side view:



These are only half done at 33 days bloom. Can’t wait for this cathedral of weed to finish!

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.



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Damn, those are beautiful plants. I love how you are kicking ass with LEDs and big plants in the pots. al what kind of substrate are you using in the large pots?


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Damn, those are beautiful plants. I love how you are kicking ass with LEDs and big plants in the pots. al what kind of substrate are you using in the large pots?
Thanx man.

Been a long time since I did more than a couple plants in dirt. So I jumped at the chance to make some lemonade blooming out some mom plants.

I'm using the Ocean Forest, worm Castings, and Pearlite mix I use for my dirt stuff. They get continuous tea feedings plus beneficial critters.

Thanx for your interest.



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Bloom Haus Update


The Aero Room is just about to finish its first rotation. Unit 4 is coming down shortly. I plan on sneaking another unit into the room to create a continuous production schedule where we plant a unit and cut a unit every other week.

With the additional head space I have started planting larger plants and keeping more branches. We should easily hit our 2 lb target.




Dirt Room – Day 49 Bloom




We have reached peak feed schedule with the plants eating every other day on our organic teas. Foliar sprays of the lower leaves are now done as I am concerned with triggering any bud rot on these beauties.

These are my Christmas trees this year!

Here’s a video update that features a walk UNDER the canopy and sweeping views of this cathedral of buds!

I’m finally able to resurrect my Sherb Cream Pie experiment.


This is the sorry state of our girls 6 months after being rescued. These get to the cloner in the first update here:

Happy Holidaze Everyone!

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.



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Jan 3 update

The Aero Room continues to churn with unit 4 getting wacked and replaced.


The real story is in the Dirt Room as its now day 64 of bloom. The views are amazing!






The 10 foot palm tree effect is the result of flowering old mom plants. The next round of dirt plants will be shorter and branchier for better production.

Here’s a walk though with epic views!

The Sherb Cream Pie crosses are coming along:


You can catch up on that project here:

Next week will be super busy with Unit 5 going live and the Dirt Room coming down.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome.



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68 Days Bloom in the Dirt Room

These are getting chopped shortly. Here are some final bloom shots for this run:









I’m pretty proud of these. We started with some tired mom plants that survived the fire. Fed them 100% Organic teas at every level of development. They were carefully pruned and attended to every day. (A big thanks to my helpers who made this possible!)

And look we what ended up with!

Here’s a short day 68 video with amazing views of this grow:

My focus now turns to getting all this on to hangers. We also are starting Unit 5 in the Aero Room shortly.

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.



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Thats great! Looks like a productive crop of potent flowers! Mother plants should yield more since they are older and more rooted in. Glad to see you were able to grow again! Happy harvest! :smoke:


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2/3/24 Update

The Aero Room is now fully operational with 5 units all running. This allows us to harvest and plant every other week.


With this spacing, you can see all the stages of growth with one look around the room. Here’s some pics from Unit 2, which is just days away from the chop.

The riot of colors just makes me smile. In this shot, Black Rock Lava Cake reaches for the light with its dark purple leaves:


White Angel beginning to finish, showing its florescent colors:


The spectacular Black Rock Lava Cake:


Unit 3 is beginning to plump at 42 days:


The Dirt Room Round 1 plants have been processed. I’m so proud of these plants. 100% organic teas and just outrageous. Check out the walk through videos from the last update to see how crazy that grow was. Everyone has given us rave reviews on this vintage!

Here’s some nug shots:



The next round of dirt plants are in veg now. I plan on uppotting to 7 gallons of media in a couple weeks.


The Rescue Ranch is busy and exciting!

Here’s the Stork Machine in action:


The exciting part is that the Sherb Cream Pie plants saved from the fire are now in the on deck circle. It’s taken a solid 6 months of work to create the infrastructure needed to get here. I am so grateful to all my friends who helped me!

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.



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Glad to see you saved the Sherb Cream Pie. I have that one and she smells and taste great. Clones easily and I'm sure can produce well if dialed in.

When is Green Rush selling clones again? I called and the message said something like, "opening back up in march".

They are waiting on you brother, glad to see things are going well.


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2/23/24 Update

The Aeroponics Room is rocking with all 5 units in operation. We have done a good job in keeping up with the calendar and have them staggered by 2 weeks, so we pull and plant every 2 weeks.

Aero Room:


Unit 3 is finishing out with a riot of colors:


Unit 1 with some happy 16 days bloom plants:


I’m so excited for what we have in Unit 2. Here are the Sherb Cream Pie crosses that survived the fire! It’s taken 7 months of building infrastructure and a lot of help from my friends to pull this off.

Unit 2 at 2 days bloom:


Here’s a link if you are interested in checking out this project:

Unit 3 Purpin Out:


White Angel in final finish:


Black Rock Lava Cake:


White Angel Rocks!


The Dirt Room plants just got topped. I expect to start pruning soon to get them in shape for transplant to 10 gallon containers.

Dirt Girls:


Here’s a video walk through with more commentary:

Now that I have nearly completed a full cycle at capacity, we can start optimizing with the data collected. Plant size, branch count, strain selection, diet, and timing have been pretty much sussed out.

Once again, I thank my crew for making this all possible. Listening to the old dude and doing things like they never have before in their experience. It takes courage . . . and some crazy weed!

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.



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As you can see, the Green Rush Farms forum is no more.

A few of my grow threads have been transferred here and I will continue to update them. I am considering opening a boutique breeder forum here after I can stabilize a little more.

As for Green Rush Farms. They have pretty much ghosted me and no longer return any communication. They still have my seeds and owe me plants. The east side operation is down and I don't know what is happening with the west side.

The CEO and my contact retired. I was the only one in the organization posting here and frankly was tiring of being the Lone Ranger here for them.

So I am back to my old name and will continue my projects as "als_weed".

I thank everyone for their support and wish no one ill will.

Not the first time I have been burned in this line of work, probably not the last.

Thank you all.