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Haha, I don’t think they would kick you out for a little thrill shot. They can always go to hoppers thread if they have the need for girls girls girls. Good morning to you PB 😊

Good morning to you too!

Well if you say its ok lol - I blame you if I get in trouble ;):ROFLMAO:

Unca Walt

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I'm not disagreeing with you Walt - some players act up - and others don't on a football pitch - alot of the feigning injury is tactical - to try and gain possession - free kicks and penalties - and some do seriously get injured on occasion - that's just the way it is - I 'spose -
Actually, I do not blame the players. They do not make the rules. So if a rule can be bent all to hell outa shape and the dingaling with the yellow and red cards still just stands around sucking his middle finger... I can see how big $$$ can be made by crying like a pussified little twat for your team.

It is the umpire/referee failure that is causing the embarrassing, self-humiliating fakery.

D. B. Doober

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After age 60, my Aikido master decided to grow a year younger every birthdate. It seemed to work because when I subsequently met him at age 52, he looked and acted like a young 52.
I quit Aikido. It's $100 month I don't have. Now I have the scars from a strangulated hernia and my abs don't get any action. If they do it's painful. I have a belly. I miss Aikido. Peace be with you friend. Sayonara

Unca Walt

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I put your dream in the AI analyzer and this is what it said.

Dreams can often be symbolic and reflect aspects of our subconscious mind or current life situations. Let's break down the elements of your dream to explore possible meanings:

  1. Being Mugged Under a Bridge:
    • Being mugged in a dream can symbolize feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or being taken advantage of in waking life. It may reflect concerns about safety or security in some aspect of your life.
    • The bridge could symbolize a transitional phase or a connection between different aspects of your life.
  2. Getting Shanked with a Chiv:
    • Being attacked or injured in a dream can represent emotional wounds or feelings of hurt. Since the attack was not fatal and you survived, it might indicate resilience or overcoming difficulties.
  3. Not Having Money in Your Pockets:
    • Money in dreams can symbolize self-worth, resources, or opportunities. Not having money could signify feelings of lack or scarcity in some area of your life, whether it's financial, emotional, or something else.
  4. Walking Around a Hotel Looking for a Room:
    • Hotels in dreams often represent temporary situations or transitions. Searching for a room you can't remember could symbolize feelings of uncertainty, confusion, or a desire for stability or direction in your waking life.
  5. Worrying About Bleeding Out Due to Blood-Thinning Meds:
    • Medications in dreams can represent healing or concerns about health. Bleeding could symbolize emotional or psychological leakage, where something is draining your energy or causing emotional turmoil.
  6. Waking Up:
    • Dreams often end abruptly when something unresolved is on our minds. Waking up from this intense dream suggests it had a strong impact on you.

Overall, your dream seems to reflect feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, and potential threats in your life. It may also highlight a need for security, clarity, or stability. Consider if there are current stressors or challenges in your life that could be manifesting in this way. Reflecting on these elements may help you uncover deeper meanings and potential areas of focus for personal growth or resolution.
JUST WHO supplies the input the engenders these Sapphic AI pronouncement/rules/reading of entrails???

The AI got its input from some dude with a bent. Just like the AI's that told you it was good to be black and proud, but white people should never mention that white people are white. <-- Remember that? GIGO.

As a writer, I can commit to youse that I could write a cogent list that is wildly different from the above Delphic Words, but even more logical -- while being a shitload more reasonable and pleasant.
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Gray Wolf

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I quit Aikido. It's $100 month I don't have. Now I have the scars from a strangulated hernia and my abs don't get any action. If they do it's painful. I have a belly. I miss Aikido. Peace be with you friend. Sayonara
兄弟よ、あなたも平安あれ! (kyoudai yoi 、anata mo heian are !)] [Peace be with you too brother!]

I haven't done Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido since about age 40, changing jobs, getting married again, wearing out my bad knee, and no longer having the time for martial arts or fencing, nor the tolerance for injuries.

A shame because it is always easier and more satisfying for me to get my exercise playing a game than calisthenics or pumping iron.

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