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I was talking to Lesso earlier today, he was asking me if I wanted to use his bud trimming machine next week when I do my harvest. I told him there was a pretty good chance of it due to the volume of flowers that I have. An hour later, he sends me this picture and tells me it should be at my doorstep within a week. You meet the nicest people online when you have a community like we do


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Nothing is free of consequences.
True but that doesn't stop some people from acting like some things are. The Hell's Angels club bar is just an extreme example to show that these things can't always be viewed in absolutes. Some times the consequences are subtle like being blocked on a site or a social media platform because someone felt their right meant they could violate the TOU on a privately owned and operated site or platform.


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Yep that is what it needed. Been setting for 10+ years. Went prepared with point files and emery cloth. It has the magneto up in the front of motor a PITA to get to.

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Yepp them are a pain to get at. My N9 has the side mounted dizzy.
All you x military fill in the blank. HURRY UP AND ______
WAIT !!!!!
Same shit I'm doing now for my next surgical implantation.

Most everybody I served with were the last round of drafted. I was one of the few volunteers. Left home before Dad and I came to blows.

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Wow... didn't realize that was such a hard question..... anybody here get drafted...? Guess not.

Subby to the rescue....I thought everybody knew that.

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I was out snaking a drain again, so missed the opportunity to dazzle and amaze everyone with my "wait" answer.

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