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The Great Gumball Line- New Strain: FAFO

Morgan Seedman

New member
Hey everyone!

I’m sending out testers for a new strain I created. It’s called FAFO (Fuck Around an’ Find Out). I sent some testers to be handed out as freebies this past weekend to VIPs at the Organic Cup in Benton Harbor Michigan.

I would like to extend the offer to the IC Mag family as well so if any of you would like to test this strain please let me know. I can be reached at my email MorganSeedman420@gmail.com

The cross is:
Slap N’ Tickle X The Great Gumball

Which equates to:
(GMO x Grape Pie) X (Gummo x Sapphire Cherries)

Should be an interesting terpene combination. Grape, orange, cherry, bubblegum, and GMO. Excited to see how this turns out. I’ll post some seed pics shortly, they look pretty nice.
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