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Strain: Sweet Cheese ( Cheese x Black Jack )
Breeder: Sweet Seeds
Cultivator: Jaypp
Date: 25/05/2012
Cut day: 2/02/2012

Buds: Elongate, with very swollen and fat calyces
Pistils: Long bright orange pistils.
Relationship calyx/leaf aspect: Practically, it is all chalice, with some small blade.
Trichomes: There are plenty of them. Is a fantastic producer of trichomes.
¿Presence of seeds? No

Density: Buds are not very hard, but to have so percentage of sativa, seems perfect.
Smell bud: The smell coming from is not strong. It is delicate
Bud smell grinding: Highlights stale odors. Smells like cheese stored. In another phenotype is a more fruity sweetness .... seems banana.
Without combustion Taste: fruity taste


Medium: vaporized bong with ceramic welder and spliff normal 100% Grass Raw paper.
In combustion smell: Smell musty, but tasty.
Taste In combustion: a mild flavor, but with a peppery finish, aged and fruity.

Guide to Tasting: 0 to minimum. 10 for maximum. Fill as many boxes as needed.

Ochre [3] Bittersweet [1] Anise [1] Spices [1] Floral [1] Fruit [2] Incense [1] Nutmeg [2] Skin cured [2] Pepper [1] Cheese [3]


Beginning effects, duration:It seems soft at first because it is not hard to smoke but after 2 minutes your eyes feel heavy. Then change and is quite active without becoming tachycardic.
Type of effects: Soft sativa effect, is a fresh and active high. Stresses its soft down and good vibes that leaves your body.
Recommended for:Smoking is ideal for day and daily tasks
Not recommended for: anyone looking only physical effects
Tolerance: Medium

Guide for Effects: You must type [P] if you noticed a positive and [N] if you had a negative effect. Specifies if necessary.

[P] Activity
[P] Imagination/creativity
[P] Perception the mood
[N] Visual perception



Ease of growing: 18
Production: 17
Visual appearance: 18
Trichomes visible: 18
Smell of dried flowers: 12
Smoke flavor:
-amount: 14
- Quality: 15
Taste of steam:
-amount: 17
- Quality: 18
Texture of smoke: 16
Steam Texture: 18
Effect: 18
Duration of effect: 18

Weighted average: (217/260)



Light: Indoor / 600w
Substrate: Earth Kilomix Atami.
Fertilizer: Magical, and Bio Canna line.
Watering: Watering can and spraying.
Flowering Time: 9 and half weeks
Time of drying/curing: 80 days.
Seed/Cuttings: Seeds.
Does preserved mother? Yes.
Extractions: Yes, BHO and Ice.
Comments: very nice plant, not too strong for those looking to be very stoned, ideal to have her companion for the day in your tasks.

And now the video.
Hope you like. There is an error in the final note, it would be 8.

[youtubeif] http://youtu.be/76-lMNITavo[/youtubeif]




Theres not many reports of this strain, but soon there will be.
I'm growing sweet cheese atm, and they are now on 3rd week of flowering..
(3 different phenotypes, this is the most sativa one)


so far so good :tiphat:
I will be back in ~7weeks

Tommy G

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Hi mate!

Thanks for sharing :tiphat:

Looking very good and frosty. I can easily imagine the smells around her :D

Keep us updated. All the best and sweet smokes!