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slow log...like a grow log, only slower


the plant count sucks dog balls. only 6 in flower per patient. and the way the law is written, we (wife and i) can each have 3 patients beside ourselves.. but we only have 2 patients right now, so only 24 in flower total. we have 6 indoor and 18 in GH. pics later

Mind if i ask where you are at statewise?

Sounds like my state but harsher, 6 plants per patient, 5 patients total(30 plants), can also grow 6 plants for yourself if you have a medical card, can combine grow ops with a fam memeber though for a total of 10 patients(60 flowering)

PLUSS if you and your family memebr are patients you can do 12 more plants...

But my state gets you because they classify ANYTHInG over 12" x 12" as a "mature flowerable plant"

So mothers are flowering" plants....
And it makes doing a rotation on continuos harvest operation a bitch!


The peoples republic of oregon, as one person put it.
6 in flower, 18 in veg. I thin they also have the 12" cubed is veg and anything larger is assumed to bee in flower, or an adult, lol. Thats why we flowered the moms and started fresh with small ones(mothers to bee). ALWAYZ gotta stay within the laws, and sometimes STILL get fucked
however, Oregon has a stipulation in the law, that if you can PROVE that you qualify for an OMMP card, then if you get busted for something, they give you a chance to get your paperwork in order, and dismiss it when you do
at lrast with me and others ive heard about. 600$ ticket if you aint medical tho, for POSSESSION. shiiiiit.
got some pics just gotta upload em.
back soon!


It can be tricky to stay legal and grow properly here in Oregon. at least under 4 patients.

It is however much better than some of the draconian non-compassionate states I have lived in
Yeah - 6 plants in flower, 12 plants in veg and you're legal with having up to 1.5 lbs. on your person. Not merely in your home but on your person.

Pretty draconian isn't it?

Free the Oregonian 50,000!


Yeah - 6 plants in flower, 12 plants in veg and you're legal with having up to 1.5 lbs. on your person. Not merely in your home but on your person.

Pretty draconian isn't it?

Free the Oregonian 50,000!

Hey believe me coot. I'm certainly not complaining.

Oregon is an absolutely amazing state and It is by far the best place I have ever lived.

The plant limits are totally reasonable in my opinion but you must admit that the size limit can pose some challenges.

I typed '12 plants' and it should have been '18 plants' in veg..

The 'size limitation' on veg plants was a trade-off for something else - real politik

But all B.S. aside, have you ever heard of anyone being investigated over the size deal?

That's a serious question too - anyone? Other than Duckworth and her ilk?


I have not heard of any but that doesn't really make me confident that if they wouldn't use it against someone.

The Duckworth situation is a depressing one too by the way. The effect of it are still being felt locally. A great number of local folks, who aren't in any way affiliated with the scene or any illicit activities other than being patients, have lost the ability to obtain reliable genetics for this years season.

RE: Duckworth

Hope they all saved their money - qualified defense attorneys don't come cheap - if you want to be successful in court anyway. Not a good time to hire an activist - you need the real deal.

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RE: Duckworth


being 2 or so blocks from the police station didn't help much either I bet.

She always seemed nice enough so best of luck to them.
I believe Paul Loney is their lawyer.

some of the other groups involved in that round up were a bit more unsavory...

meanwhile the biggest dispensary around with the black market prices goes unscathed. Not that I have any ill will it just seems...*Strange*


never heard of anyone getting investigated for the size deal, its just one of those things that they COULD DO.
Ive also heard of them finding one or two extra plants and doing nothing
its my understanding that if someone isnt making a name for themselves(growing, not selling) or making waves, and theyre under 99, the law doesnt fuck with them
i know the state pigs certainly dont like MMJ as a rule, although im sure there are sympathetic/empathetic parties

question about this...is this photo of a plant that has been sunburned???(cheese) it is doing better, but one blue dream is toast(she had just been cloned a lot...before being set out, not a lot of vegative growth left, maybee why she toasted so fast
a different BD is pictured, growing fast maybee not, just saw it
anyways, the white on that cheese is the sunburn??? they werent hardened off, duh...sides rolled down at night so they dont get tooo cold, definitely dont freeze
thank you


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moses wellfleet

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Yup sunburn, I had that from clones suddenly moved from veg room to full outdoor sun, they will recover fully though!
You mean like this one.

Chem D x Sour D^^^

Do not flower more than 24 on a piece of property in Oregon. You will think you had been thrown to a bunch of bible thumpers out of Cresswell, they will roll your ass up. They still fly the big boys every year waitin' for em to slip up and do somethin' foolish.

Regardless of being able to flower 24 I like to grow a 6 pack outdoors. Plenty of ganga. Some farmer may feel generous enough to have me over to trim for 200$ a unit and I can make out that way. Best day, 10 hour day 4 pounds.

Edit; The reason for my conservative attitude is the economy is seaming to start to come around. Before the local economy took a shit they were in the process of putting up new prisons in the desert which never got finished. When the economy comes around they will be looking for bodies. Dont want to get tripped up in any of state government cattle drives. Forced labor camps are not for me.


We wouldnt
we have 6 indoors and 18 outside
it is my understanding, and i wouldnt test the waters, but
24 adults per grower with 4 cards.
2 growers per household permitted
if the proprerty has 2 dwellings, then 4 growers is 96 flowering outside

but i also know they busted a CSA last year growing lots, but within the limits...

we aint going to fuck up a good thing. i think i can make do with what we have
an older lady who was getting clones from us confirmed it was sunburn, and then i looked here and saw everyone agrees
im glad, i was pounding my head, wondering what i neglected to add, or add too much
so glad its all good
love you guys
:tiphat:Oh my what a few days of sunshine does to things on your farm! Looks like you have the picture taking down now. Thank you for the updates.

Loving the indoor dedication to the ladies with Vented hoods. You know I'm an indoor snob. Are those 1k lamps? Picked up a vented hood for my 1k at a garage sale last summer and was getting ready to flower myself. Ive got 1 plant of each-Jack Herer, Deadhead OG, Blue Dream and Chem D x Sour D going into flower cycle tomorrow............July cant get here soon enough my friend. :)



Thanks...or Danks...
heat and sunshine is doing amazing thingz
the first is indoe....room is tight in there...just 4 big opnes...gave 2 to a grower 2 force flower ...theyre half done already
second is whats up in the GH yesterday...
chamomile is giant too


loving the greenhouse but next year you might want to tighten up you center path as those plants are going to be hitting the wall in no time.

in my experience that is not good news and makes for all kinds of gross moisture traps.

I really look forward to seeing your progress as I am currently shopping for a bit of land myself and it is awesome to see what a few hands can do when properly motivated