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Tommy G

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Hi guys! :elf:

So, time to take some conclusions... This was a grow that I appreciated very much, with 4 very productive plants, even with few nutrients. It helped to strengthen my conviction about autoflowering varieties from Sweet Seeds being very well worked, in this second generation every seed ends up as an exceptional plant. Productive, powerful and very aromatic, the difference between this plants and their non-auto version is not noticeable at all... well, it can be noticed, but only because this autos are much faster ;)

To finish this grow diary nothing better than going back to the first post, where I left the goals that I delineated to this grow test and check if I managed to achieve them...

tommy said:

  • 1 - Manage to get a good SAD Auto and a good Speed Devil #2 to make fotos of plants with an even better production than what I'm used to get with 7 litre pots. Less plants but more productive. The total final production will obviously be inferior... but superior in terms of production per plant;
  • 2 - Compare the production of an autoflowering grown with 10 litres of soil with the production of a plant of the same variety grown with the same grow parameters but with 15 litres of soil. This will be done with the two SAD Auto, with which I expect to obtain 2 homogenous plants (which is not always easy when growing from seed) being the production of the 2 plants the only difference;
  • 3 - Compare the genetics of Speed Devil #1 with the genetics from Speed Devil #2. One will be flowered with 10 litres of soil and the other with 15 litres but I guess we will see some differences;
  • 4 - Observe if with a 70wHPS lamp very close to the plants in the vegetative phase the plants stay shorter than in my previous grow and see how this will (or will not) influence the final production.

1 - In the begining I was expecting to finish with taller plants, but I managed to accomplish this goal in a positive manner, here's a good picture of each of the 2 strains (SAD Auto and Speed Devil #2):


2 - Goal achieved. With 15 litres of soil it is possible to get 25% more production than with 10 litre, as you can check in a while in the final results in grams ;)

3 - Goal achieved. Speed Devil #1 is very good... she grew higher than Speed Devil #2, but produced very hard and aromatic buds. Anyway it is obvious that Speed Devil #2 is improved when compared with the first version, Speed Devil #1. Although a "one plant" sample of each variety is not enough to get to some reasonable conclusions, one gets the idea that the second generation of Sweet Seeds autoflowering varieties already presents visible improvements compared with the first generation. I have the idea that soon we'll have available the third generation of Speed Devil, Fast Bud and Big Devil, which will be closer to perfection, which I suppose that can be 99% achieved in some 4 or 5 years, between the 6th and the 9th generation ;)

4 - Definetly. They are even too short for what I was expecting. They're fine like this, but with some 10cm more they would be even better, because I had space for it. Anyway, for a grower who has a very short grow room this is a very good method. With a 70wHPS (which produces almost no warmth) very close to the top of the plants between day 10 and day 20 since germination, really helps to shorten the internodal distance and to have very short but also very bushy plants, producing the same or almost the same as if we let them grow free. In my next test grow I will not do it anymore, as you'll be able to see in about a month, when I start it ;)

Wheight in grams of the 4 plants:

  • Speed Devil #1 (10 litres) > 30,6
  • Speed Devil #2 (15 litres) > 38,1
  • SAD Auto (10 litres) > 31,8
  • SAD Auto (15 litres) > 39,4

Hash with a net of 158µ > 2,1
Hash with a net of 95µ > 1,4
Scissor hash > 0,9

Thanks for all your visits! Soon a new test grow will start, this time with Fast Bud #2 and Big Devil #2, with a few innovations which I'm sure you'll appreciate ;)

Keep it sweet!! :wave: