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Rejected Applicant Sues Ohio over MMJ Process.


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“The department conducted a comprehensive, fair and impartial evaluation of all applications. Any applicant who didn’t receive a license has the right to appeal that decision, and the department is giving all the notifications to appeal those processes,” Gostomski [Dept. of Commerce spokesperson] said.

"Ohio is the 25th state to implement a medical marijuana program, so Ohio has the benefit of learning from states in the past that have done this," she said.

Appeal....then they know you're serious.


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not unusual, actually....
the only question i have is.... why did high times pick up the story in THIS case? you can bet they have some interest in that license being granted if they are giving the issue the time of day in their article, because i'm pretty sure that's nothing unusual - an appeal / lawsuit for denial of application


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Not sure of what or if High Times has any interests in the licensing other than selling the story as somewhat a watchdog because of the government’s involvement. I think the real issue here is, was there any back scratching going on during the process.

That Gould guy was involved in the ResponsibleOhio ballot issued that failed in 2015. He is also putting together another ballot proposal for 2018, Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which is geared to the rec side.



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I don't know what stake HT has in it but that article is the FIRST AND ONLY article that I have EVER seen about RO that called it what it was.... an oligopoly. NOT A MONOPOLY.

Every news release and bad press that RO got during campaigning was a fucking lie (referring to it as a monopoly). And, as always, the sheeple believed every word.

Although, I'm not so sure we didn't win and they just said, fuck you, it failed. How would we know. I spent 17 years in Washington and I can say one thing for damn sure...... It ain't how you think it is. LMAO They can say and do anything they want without the slightest retribution or accountability. As long as they cover their ass.

We'll see what happens in 2018 but, again, I'm not holding my breath. Ohio still thinks this is the 1950's and we are the strength of the nation. LMAO Egos never die, I guess.