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Purple Haze x Malawi


I love the smell of cannabis in the morning
Time to start a thread on this amazing cross!

Pure Purple Haze:

At last, the mythical tropical Purple Haze of the 70’s without being mixed and in all its magnificence is finally available for all those nostalgic lovers of the old school sativas. In this version of the Oldtimers Haze, we offer you a selection of purple and reddish phenotypes with a strong influence of the purple highland colombian sativas, within the genotypes of the original Haze population. Purple Haze is different from Green Haze because its stems and flowers ripe with impressive purple and reddish colors. Their aromas are also darker: of black liquor and wild blackberry.

Flowering time: 16-20 weeks (above image was 26 weeks)
Yield: Average-Low
Description: Clean euphoric and creative high without tolerance limits.


After years of hard work and intense selections with sativas from all around the world, we can confirm that Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace sativa we know. Its dense flowers of enormous trichomes compete with the most powerful indica/sativa and indica hybrids on the market in reference to their size and cannabinoids concentration. The potency of their flowers is simply devastating, and it is especially recommended for experienced smokers that seek extreme sativa effects without renounce to an abundant harvest.

Flowering time: 11-14 weeks
Yield: High
Description: Extraordinarily powerful, intense and psychedelic, with more than 4 hours of duration. Only recommended for hard and experienced smokers. We only recommend Malawi for the hardest and most experienced smokers because its extreme power usually “destroys” the majority of the smokers. DO NOT mix it with alcohol and DO NOT use any dangerous machinery under its effect.


As you might be able to tell, I am very excited for these. Pure Purple is probably one of my favorite highs of all time, so I can't wait for the additional power and size from the Malawi. Put a couple of these in the ground today. As usual, there will be pics every couple of months or so as they develop.

Dubi, which plant was reversed? Do you have pics of the parents? Have you had a chance to run any of these? Any and all info is appreciated.

Oh and as usual - Thank you Dubi for seriously quality genetics!:thank you:


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I didnt knew they are selling those already.
Good luck man. I cant wait to see what grows from them :p


it must be reversed malawi pollen yes... must of had some extra laying around

the spainish 'old timers' purple haze selection actually has some thai right? for stabilizing effects?

we already know malawi/thai combo is a winner. will be interesting to see haze in there.


Hmmm...Purple Haze Thai I have coming on...they are very vigorous and very potent.
One is male and I have had allready many fantasies how to use him...
so many chances, so many fine crosses, to take forward so good genes...


based on strain descriptions and reviews this sounds like meeting of time and destiny, one of those..:D


Purple Haze x Malawi Fems

Purple Haze x Malawi Fems

Hey folks, I have a five pack of these rolling right now.... ( It came with 6 female seeds inside.... I lost one due to it poping out so soon in the paper towels... I did not get to it in time)

I have 5 up in clear cups of Happy Frog under 4 ft T5's

I'll be watching your grow for sure & if it's cool with you... I will post a few pics of my progress as well as I move forward with them :tiphat:

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Looking great, Terpene. I've got one going and may throw another one in dirt soon. Your a couple weeks ahead of me though.


ACE Seeds Breeder
Thanks Terpene to start the grow diary of this new limited edition, it's a new F1 sativa hybrid and would love to see the opinions and feedback of different growers before its release. They are in good hands with you, best wishes!

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