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Potency, what is considered potent weed today?

Not sure what % is classed as high but this is what I got with my last lot of tcheck tests,the super lemonhaze cbd is 1:1 ratio


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I like what I read above…” quality is subjective”, also “potency is subjective”.

There’s too many factors.

Just consume weed if that’s what you enjoy. Grow your own, form a bond with the plant… and that plant will give you what you need.
Couldn't agree more.

Of course potency is subjective, it's not like you can copy and paste a definition from the dictionary and expect it to apply to everyone lmao🤦‍♂️We are all growing for different reasons and looking for different things.

As a dumb example, I know a guy in Spanish forums that only grows elite clones. Zintxo is his nickname. He's "the elite clone guy" you could say. He has over 30 years of growing experience and is considered and expert by everyone.

One day he mentioned he was looking for a particular clone, that happened to taste like oranges. Can't remember the strain right now.

when I asked him what was special about this clone, he answered that he had so many elite clones but none that had an orange taste 🤣🤦‍♂️This guy just wants a clone that tastes like oranges, a clone that tastes like lemons, and so on 😹😹😹

THat was the day I decided to stop listening to the "elite people" and trust my own instinct.

EVeryone's brain chemistry is different and everyone's lifestyle is different. We have different tastes and goals in life. So both potency and quality are bound to mean something different to everyone.


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Maybe you should contact zintxo then 😹 He's on cannabiscafe and lamarihuana

I got a special box that used to house a kettle packed full of seeds i need to get through.

ironically, none orange ones, but even more ironically one of the oldtimes i'm growing smells like a terrys chocolate orange :D


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When i was mostly buying seeds there were no orange vars available otherwise i'd have grabbed some.

Californian orange was available from homegrown fantasy but i let it slip :rolleyes:

Loved their pics of it, in fact all their pics were bulky looking


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Orange terps have a lot of nice qualities

in 35 years of smoking i only smoked one exeptional African bush that tasted and smelt of orange zest and some indoor around in the 90s that tasted of oranges. I think it's a relatively rare terp.

Both had the same high potency buzz but very nice up qualities to it unlike anything else
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Now reading that was just absolutely hilarious, especially for one who is back there in the '60s/70s. As with everything in life, it's all about perspective. Some of the first mind blowing cannabis I ever was called "meshmacon".

Guess what that was?

To illustrate the word perspective, I've been holding these pics back for when a Millennial stumbles in here and makes fun of what the classic strains of cannabis used to look like back in the day. For those of us who were there and remember, this was what the "commoners" usually purchased. Originally from Mexico and starting in the early to mid-70s on the east coast, Columbian:

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While a select, lucky few we're consuming this:

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Those Millennials just don't understand those of us who've been around a while. ;)

Great post!
I'm a millennial and I remember this shwag


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ever smoke any Jackie-O?…….thats some tasty tangerine herbs

Not knowingly, i loved all the tangy/orange herb i did smoke though .

It was defintely a sativa and very differnet from the cheese and blues normally available, although didnt have the woodyness i associate with jh. It was extra light green and stringy looking but stank of oranges.

There was a time in the mid nineties when it was about to buy for a bit. Not sure what orangey vars were around then but i would grow it if i knew what it was :)


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It's kind of interesting that the discussion went towards fondly remembering tastes and smells. Interesting because that plays nicely into what I meant when I said potency and quality were subjective. I know quite a few stoners that place a lot of value on taste and smell, myself included. Such that they might pass on a strain that from a THC content was considered very potent, in favor of a strain that scratched that smell or taste itch. Smell and taste play a big part in one's enjoyment of what they're smoking. From a scientific perspective it's difficult to make the case that smell or taste has anything to do with potency or quality. Yet what good is a strain that lays you out with one or two hits but tastes or smells terrible. I forget what the strains were that I was growing at the time but I remember one crop I had (I usually grow multiplle strains for variety) where 3 out of 4 were definitely more potennt but none o the 3 were remarkably pleasent in terms of smell. The forth one though which was the least potent or strong of the crop compared to the other 3 had an incredible tast and smell that I loved, such that i smoked up all of that strain well before i finished any of the others because i loved the taste and smell so much. Also even though I know from a logical point of view that smell and taste doesn't really affect potency much if at all, it somehow adds a dimension to the experience that makes the high seem more enjoyable.

The other thing i was thinking of when i said potency or quality is subjective (and perhaps a better term would be perspective) id what your experiences are when smoking. I remember the first time i ever got stoned it was off of some decent columbian strain i got ahold of back in the 70's. It was definitely considered primo weed back in thhe day but compared to what's out there now the THC levels were probably about half or maybe even a third of what people call potent these days. Yet despite the THC levels somehow I've yet to find anything since then that comes even close to how good the high of that columian was back then. Undoubtedly a lot of that is due to a certain amount of romanticism I've attached to that strain since it was my first time of being truly stoned.

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I like what I read above…” quality is subjective”, also “potency is subjective”.

There’s too many factors.

Just consume weed if that’s what you enjoy. Grow your own, form a bond with the plant… and that plant will give you what you need.
In his best AOL'er voice, "Me too!"

I'm a prolific writer, and I rarely say this but... I couldn't have said it better myself!