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Post Your ACE X's !!!


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That’s a keeper and a half ! :watchplant: Nice plant @spacetraveller


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It took making f2's for me to find one, but I finally found the "toffee/caramel" phenotype in a male form, it was my favorite Malawi dominant phenotype from the f1's for its effect alone. The amazing taste was just a bonus. This looks more indica/grandma in structure and has the "heirloom" ibl growth, but the flowering will tell me it it's the same.


And what may be a female of very similar 🤞 terpene profile but wider indica looking leafs and hybrid vigor, which makes me think it may be a stealth male or herm, or really malawi dominant like the f1.

The stems on this "Toffee Gold" has the same sticky resinous character of the F1, although missing the red/purple on stem.

if I get lucky, I may have 2 males in the f2 which were absent in my f1 selections of over 200 plants, otherwise I have a male and a female to make f3's with, of a recessive phenotype.
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Got my Rare Darkness Ghost Train Haze #1's up and going(3 different phenos). Planing on a bunch of crosses.

Plan on crossing GTH #1 with most of these.

Ace's Malawi
Ace's Panama Haze
Ace's Purple Haze x Malawi
Ace's Zamaldelica
Ace's Golden Tiger
Ace's Panama
Ace's Tikal

Intend to cross Bubba Kush x HashPlant with Pakistan Chitral Kush and Both with Back to the Congo. Got a Chemdog keeper which I plan to cross with Bubba Kush x HashPlant, Pakistan Chitral Kush and Back to the Congo. With all these crosses it will take me 2 years or more to finish them all and couldn't be happier :biggrin:. Thanks Ace for your great genetics.
Did ever hunt through and cross the Tikal and golden tiger? Do you have a smoke report?

I've been wanting to try the golden tiger and I gave my friend all my Tikal seeds then moved before the grow finished so I never got to try them in the end.


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My 2 Golden Tiger x Purple Satellite Girls @ the window. :cool: Have been flowering for 3 weeks now (i put them in the closet).


They are both doing very good, the bushy one in 7L soil (53cm) was topped/fimmed and then tied down her 3 heads.


The long one in 3L (73cm) can grow as she wants and she thinks sky is the limit i guess. ^^

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Popped this one thinking it was PCK x SH but obviously there's no PCK in this one. Pollinated the same OTH female with SH so I guessed it had to be OTHx….. till I went through my albums here and found I’ve grown a few already in 2019.

But none of those took so long to flower iirc. It's been on 12/12 for a little over 10 weeks now. Took weeks longer to switch to show sex and flowering than the others plants I already harvested. I plan on leaving the country soon and won't have time to finish flowering this one which well, sucks.


‘pot’ is barely 10” tall. Knowing I wouldn’t have time to finish it it hasn’t been treated very well and most days got the same nutes as the rest that was much further along (while it needs much less).



Did pollinate with P-F3 (Chunk x Cannalope Haze / C99), something I’ve grown before and is in my albums here as well but I don’t know what I was smoking back then, nothing that improved memory anyway.
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I popped three seeds of Malawi x Panama X Quantum Kush. It was an accidental pollination from when I carefully Q-tip pollinating my PurpAl in the same room. Some Quantum Kush skeet went airborne I guess
Sometimes great plants come out of accidents!
One tall female had whorled phyllotaxy - three branches at each node instead of two. The secondary growth has normal 2 branches per node.
One male, was tall and I gave that to a buddy, the last plant is short, and has a big crook in the stalk where it meets the soil line.


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(Gashmoygle x Golden Tiger) Open Pollination f2

I tossed some seeds around february from my November harvest because they were open pollinated and I couldn't determine the males involved, I found one plant made it above ground, I've done zero to help it survive the environment. it's already starting to stretch/ showing sex at about 4 ft tall, smells like limes/pine/peaches and appears resilient to the local pests, the spider mites don't like it, the leafhoppers don't like it. I guess I should clone it and quarantine it until safe! New York State (41°N) where I live isn't very suitable for sativas, or "indoor plants" as pests eviscerate them, so this will be a test of resilience- along with about 50 others.
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Ok this isn't a cross to anything Ace. It's my Destroyer female from CBG.
I put her in a 100 gallon grow bag with two Superlicious from Mandala Seeds.

Superlicious is Highland Nepalese x Oaxacan, can't wait! The Destroyer clone has overgrown the bag and couldn't care less she's just visiting her friends.

Instead of training her away, I want to see what she brings to the table. I haven't had a Destroyer in the garden since 2018, I'm excited to get her crossed and have seed stock of killer stash for the rest of my days.
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Rays choice x Golden Tiger original X Malawi x Panama F1. Day 28.
Placed under 11-13 from start, zero veg time. insanely squat plants, just started stretching in the last few day. 7 sets of node pairs. 10 females from 23 plants. Have kept a cpl of promising males for future testing. sizes range from 16 to 23cm tall.
Last flower photo is the one i just finished. Harvested day 103, some mold starting in tops of branches, so the decision was made to chop and process the flowers. Dried and trimmed herb totalled 247 grams, now under cure. Early testing shows promise, and the smell is amazing.


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You should see if @Raco still has his 4 year old destroyer male.

I have a CBG destoyer reg pack on the way from Spain. He still holds a few of these CBG packs left.

Destroyer reg and fem
Caribe reg and fem
Durban reg
Panama fem
Panama DC fem
Hash Fruit fem
Michoacan Cream fem
Auto CBG fem

Just throwing out there.
I don't have the Auto's or Destroyer Regs. I don't know @Raco , sounds like a great opportunity.

I'm Avery big fan of Charlie's work, the Michoacan Cream is an underrated treat for sure. She has graced the greenhouse in the past.
Have a great day!
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I don't have the Auto's or Destroyer Regs. I don't know @Raco , sounds like a great opportunity.

I'm Avery big fan of Charlie's work, the Michoacan Cream is an underrated treat for sure. She has graced the greenhouse in the past.
Have a great day!
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Well if Raco isnt holding his prized Destroyer male or pollen anymore, and if the beans coming arrive safely from Spain my way, Im still thinking you need a male.

Id happily donate that pack of regs to a green thumb like yourself to make sure Destroyer can live on.

Im currently not in a position to grow them out and these seeds i imagine are reaching quite the age.