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Panama A5 Haze feminized limited edition


ACE Seeds Breeder

With Panama A5 Haze, lovers and seekers of the A5 Haze and the most incensed Dutch Haze are in luck. Among the hybridisation projects between our sativas and the legendary A5 Haze (Northern Lights #5/Haze A) by Nevil, the cross with Panama (our most complete and elaborate sativa) is probably the one with the greatest potential of all: a sublime 80% sativa hybrid with genetics mainly from Colombia, Panama and Afghanistan.

2 well differentiated main phenotypes can be found. The first and most common (60-70% of the plants) produces very dominant expressions of A5 Haze, with the extreme vigour of the original F1 A5 clone and an explosive sativa heterosis from the Panama, which perfectly capture and enhance the penetrating and most exciting old terpenes of leather, liver, charas, decaying flowers and outrageous incense of the A5 Haze, with more realistic finishing times (11-13 weeks), and an overwhelming quality and personality of an American sativa worthy of legend.

The yields of this first phenotype are massive: very long, fat colas due to reflowerings, formed by the accumulation of countless buds, really big, wide and beautiful, highly resinous, dense and meaty, with a very good flower/leaf ratio.

Growers looking for the most prolific expressions, best adapted for indoor growing, will take note to look for their favourite female in this phenotype, such expressions of Panama A5 Haze will immerse you in a dense mist of the most exotic and pungent Haze incenses of the 90s, but in this case without skunk, with less Afghan presence from Northern Lights, and with the always positive contribution of our Panama Goddess F10, which always enhances effects and terpene profiles with its elaborate lineage and refined top-notch American sativa qualities.

In contrast to the first phenotype, always tall expressions, but tamed and adapted to indoor growing, we find a less common recessive phenotype, with extremely dominant characteristics of the Nevil's Haze A male (both in growth and flowering): like a non-hybridised old Mexican sativa expression, with much shorter internode distances, and slow flowering up to 15 weeks, not great adaptability to artificial light and without observable influence from NL #5 or Panama.

This second phenotype produces untamed pure sativa expressions, with much more modest yields indoors, but allows the incensed Dutch Haze lover to experience females with very dominant and reliable characteristics of Nevil's Haze A male, whose offspring created the legend of the most incensed Haze hybrids.

Limited edition feminised, available while stock lasts.

80 % SATIVA / 20 % INDICA
11-15 WEEKS

22.15 %
0.04-0.08 %
0.89-1.73 %

Terpene profile: Mainly contains the following monoterpenes: variability in beta myrcene presence, which can range from moderate to incredibly high, followed by high content of terpinolene, with variability in the presence of alpha pinene, which can range from moderate to very high, moderate-high amounts of beta pinene, and trans ocimene, limonene and linalool in small proportions. Sesquiterpenes: small amounts of alpha bisabolol, guaiol, trans nerolidol and beta caryophyllene.

GENETICS: 10th generation Panama Goddess x A5 Haze by Nevil (Northern Lights #5/HazeA).

Tall sativa, very vigorous and well-branched, needing space to develop.

BOUQUET: Leather, meat (liver), charas, wood, decaying flowers and scandalous incense, some specimens also show a pestilent organic-rotting background, like decaying meat. And while the A5 Haze clearly dominates with its terpenes and personality, our Panama contributes with floral, musky and lemony touches that complement each other nicely, enhancing the harsh, coarse palate of the A5.

EFFECT: Our Panama Goddess brings freshness, expansiveness, clarity, warmth and optimism throughout the journey to the very potent dark and narcotic effect of the A5 Haze, making it much more pleasant, joyful and not so intoxicating. Clear, cerebral initial effect that expands and makes the senses alert, before half an hour later entering a warm psychedelic reverie that encourages playful introspection. Contemplative development, with a hashy feeling, and a pleasant, relaxing stoned ending, that will have you quickly looking for food and a sofa, to finally rest calmly with your mind disconnected. Excellent for those cold festive afternoons when you have nothing to do, and want to dedicate yourself to relaxation and solitary introspection amidst clouds of incense.


It can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and with enough space for its development.
We recommend to switch her into flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days. We recommend 11 (light)/13 (darkness) photoperiod for the flowering indoors, in order to boost the flowering, and to avoid reflowerings or excessive stretching in early flowering.

Very suitable for SOG crops due to its great yield in the main cola, or for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

Outdoors, it is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation in tropical or subtropical climates, although it can be cultivated with very good results in warm coastal climates of mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean) up to latitudes close to 43º.

For the first, faster and more productive phenotype, high nutrient levels are recommended throughout its development, while the second, slower expressing phenotype prefers much more moderate nutrient levels.

Panama x A5 Haze Ziggo indoor colas finishing.jpg
Panama x A5 Haze Ziggo indoor colas finishing2.jpg
Panama x A5 Haze Ziggo indoor cola starting to ripe.jpg

Panama A5 Haze #4 indoor plant finishing.jpg
Panama A5 Haze #4 cola ripening2.jpg
Panama A5 Haze #4 bud ripening4.jpg
Panama A5 Haze #4 bud ripening2.jpg
Panama A5 Haze #4 bud detail3.jpg
Panama A5 Haze #5 indoor bud detail ripening4.jpg
Panama A5 Haze #5 indoor bud detail ripening6.jpg


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I am very excited to test these seeds after buying them recently. My plan is to make f1s from these seeds and an Panama father to backcross it to the Panama A5 Haze Mother. The result of this effort will end up in 19N, where I am originally from. I will also probably use a male from the backcross to cross it to my best Super Panama Haze and Panama Haze females.

Thank you for making these genes available.


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Hi Dubi it's been a minute. I wanted to share my Panama x A5 Haze test results from June of 2019. This was my highest terpene content I've had come out of my garden. These were seeds from the 1st test batch. What a great strain!!


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ACE Seeds Breeder
Great to see you around @Neiko :D thanks a lot for sharing your cannabinoid and terpene results.
Yeah, loud terpenes on the Panama and A5 Haze combos, if i'm not wrong you grew A5 Haze x Panama fem, final released version is Panama x A5 Haze fem, found it much more A5 Haze dominant with all the Haze A terps enhanced, can almost suck the leather from the buds and the hash incense from the air after burn it.


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Thanks @BenoitV1984 So happy to see you also growing this new one, it won't disappoint you, absolute killer and incense levels to the sky!
Well both died recently. Too much trimming before spraying acaricide/insecticide, didn't survive it. Almost killed Killer A5 as well... Can't get a pest free room since I'm working in a growshop...

Biocanna soil is also a freakin nightmare. They don't sterilize their soil since they want it organic, which in my opinion is really retarded. Plagron all/royal/bat/pro mix have the Control Union certification and they are not a freakin pest breeding factory nevertheless. I'll go back to Custom No Perlite from Gold Label with Biotabs complete line alongside B.A.C root/bloom stimulator next cycle. I had pretty good results with ACE genetics and Biotabs food before. Last sessions haven't been as good as before. Changing food and switching to new LEDs at the same time was probably not a bright idea.

Anyway, I already planted another one along Super Panama Haze. Btw, seems my 3 C5 x Zamaldelica are male, so I guess it will be for next one.


atomizing haze essence
thanks for seeds. it has loud smell... livers garlic wet basement for sure. I like pheno5 as it has citric/piney incense stink bug smell... it reminds me one nevilles haze cut I had for a while... it was different plant in shape though.

these are compact, strong and uniform plants.


ACE Seeds Breeder
Thanks for the update and feedback @MAHA KALA :) How many females from seed are you flowering ?

Every person describes it differently .... 'livers garlic wet basement' is really a good one hehehehe i like to put in words as organic, leather, hash, incense and decaying flowers. Such most frequent Panama A5 Haze phenos are the ones which best capture (and in the loudest way) the A5 Haze signature terps among all the A5 Haze hybrids we have released, Killer A5 Haze is close, but Panama A5 Haze does it better, loudest and in a more uniform way.

More recessively, a woody-hashy incensey pheno can be found which is very nice as well, not so heavy in effects. And also less frequently slightly citric ala Panama expressions can be found, but they are rare to find in small populations. The best expressions and the strongest, stoniest ones belong to the most frequent pheno.

I know your are more into non incensey, citric Thai-like, more uplifting Haze expressions, but i hopes a bit of heavy incense and heavy stony Haze hybrid finds a place in your menu in the upcoming months, especially in late afternoon-evenings ;) And let me tell you, you are doing wonders with the light dep greenhouse at your northern latitude!


atomizing haze essence
thank you dubi. but this is outdoor at terrace.. light dep too. 6 females

I like all weed. even cookies. I let you know if it is so devastating like A5 x panama I had.. I got one pheno which reminds me the smell of my keeper of hawaiian webbed indica/molokai frost a lot. fruity gassy.. just that hawaiian is not livery, that is only difference. but mostly they are all A-funk smelling.

did you make panamahaze x A5???


ACE Seeds Breeder
Panama Haze aka Oldtimer's Haze x Panama crossed with A5 Haze (NL5 x Original Haze A) would be indeed very interesting. A more sativa and probably less stonier version than Panama x A5 Haze hybrid we are commenting in this thread, although more variable, that's my guess, certainly worth to explore it :yes:


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so after smoking some only dried samples, I can say that potency is there. it is euphoric and little anxiety/panic on the onset, it is just slight. after that initial cold confusion, it is very nice relaxing weed. floaty and dreamy. happy. I didnt test the latest pheno yet, it was 3 weeks later or so...