Organics round 2


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Well folks, after a longer hiatus than I wanted or anticipated, I am back at it and ready to go.

Same setup of 5 x 5 tent with a 600W vertical bulb, 5 - 5gal fabric pots of organic soil that has been sitting for a good while now.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The mix is:

1/2- bail of Promix HP
15l - organic EWC
1/2- bag EasyBake

The EasyBake is an 3kg organic amendment mix designed to be mixed as above and good for the entire life cycle. It contains kelp meal, neem meal, rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, aerobically composted turkey manure, feather meal and diatomaceous earth.

I used this same mix for my first run but thought it was a tad N heavy and a little light on the P and K so this time I also added:

1 cup of Fish Bone Meal
1 cup of Crab Shell Meal
2 tbsp of Sul Po Mag

The mix has been kept moist with a couple teas here and there.

I got my hands on some clones that I couldnt say no to and they have been sitting in 1 gal pots of the mix for much longer than I anticipated while I dealt with some things and dragged my but a bit. They were starting to show that they didnt like being cooped up when I potted up.

The pot up revealed to me that root development, despite the length of time in the 1 gal pots, was not exactly prolific. So I have something to work on for the next mix. The plants struggled a bit initially after the repot but are coming around now.

We are skipping all the foreplay and getting right too it as I flipped them to 12/12 yesterday. I would like to get more root development but If I dont flip these lanky bitches, they will over grow my space.

The line up is:

2 - Lime Cookies
2 - GG#4
1- GSC Forum Cut

The minuscule yield from the forum cut has me only wanting to do 1 to try it out. The other two are solid yielders so they should balance out hopefully.

I will give maybe 1-3 teas over the first 3-4 weeks of flowering and then just let it ride with water only.

Ill get some pics up later today or tomorrow.



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Welcome aboard Heady.


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Sorry for the lack of pics, the holiday season has been busy so far. I will get some up at some point this weekend. We are now 12 days into flower and they have really taken off with the exception of the GSC. I am debating even taking cuts of her to keep her around. I just dont like how slow she is.

The Glue and the LC have about doubled in size already and even though I had heard and seen the incredible lateral branching of the Glue, it is still quite something to see. I cant wait to get this girl growing into some screens.

I noticed a few gnats flying around too but nothing major. I wonder if the presence of the chitin in the crab shell meal is helping keeping the larvae from developing? I will put up a sticky trap or two just for precaution. If it does get worse, Ill top the pots off with some sand as from previous experience, it works well.

Happy New Year everyone.


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So here we are with a very short time lapse, lol.

When I mixed the soil up:


The new ladies not long after rooting in their solo cups. Really slacked in potting these up.


Here is a group shot from Sunday which I believe was day 14 of 12/12. In the back left is a GG#4, back right is Lime Cookies, foreground is GG#4 with the GSC on her right and another Lime Cookies on her left.

They are quickly overgrowing the GSC. I love the vigor of the GG#4 and the LC but the GSC is slooow. I need to take a cut or two just in case but I am not sure I want to put up with that slow of a veg.


Here is the incredible lateral branching on the GG#4. She really does want to go out as much as up and she goes up quite a bit. The nasty leaves were a result of the amount of time they spent in the previous containers. I wasnt the nicest to them in the early going but they are sure loving life right now. They are looking better each day and I have yet to give a tea. Been just water. They are loving it and so am I.



That is some crazy side branching - perfect for a scrog eh.

have you been topping these or do you plan on topping em? It looks like it but can't exactly tell from the pics.

Looking good man...


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Looking good Bmac.

That GG4 is a lanky mother fugga. Pruning gear is always nearby.

Don't toss those cuts, donate to the your local library ;)


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I will be shaving their legs this week. My training has been a work in progress to get an optimum amount of tops in the vert donut. I got some ideas on how to improve this training/trim job.


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Right on Bmac1. Good to see you back in the saddle. I'll be right over here blowing smoke rings at you. I know you'll put on a terrific show for all us mortals. :)


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Welcome aboard smilley and 3rdeye, glad to have you folks aboard.

Here are a couple pics from a few nights ago which was day 17 from flipping to 12/12.








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