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Ohio is gonna be the SHIT next year when medical is passed...


Indicas make dreams happen
It's a farce.

Ohio is run by republicans. It's like a thousand trumps all running around butt ramming eachother and everyone else.

Republicans ride on the back of Christain churches. Made people believe it's the righteous party. No dope, no gays, no abortions, lot's of guns is their motto.

Hahaha! It certainly is a closed loop policy isn't it? I think once they saw issue 3 hit the ballot 2 years ago they were scared shitless that MJ legalization could possibly happen in Ohio and fairly quickly at that. They needed a way to put up a temporary road block by appearing to make a compromise. Still wish issue 3 would have passed...


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It's a messy state. The head state govt republicans wanted to rid votes of those that want or believe in medical riding on voter initiatives that allow home growing or rec with home growing...so they passed their own shitty cheap med law. Smart too cause now more feedom allowing voter initiatives will lose a lot of conservative votes. I find the entire so called conservative culture to be a pile of shitty attitudes and bad people plaing virgin saint, when in reality they are ignorant. Just cause the bible says something to people does not make it so!

It's a bad culture.


Indicas make dreams happen
Seemed like Ohio's big problem when it had the chance was that most stoners either didn't care enough to get up and vote or were so misinformed or worked up over the short term oligopoly that they themselves voted no on issue 2.

I think it's very possible to get initiatives on the ballot, but getting people to vote is a different story.


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The Responsible Ohio thing was sabotaged but the State so they could get it in THEIR way.

They spread false rumors about it being a monopoly and really just killed it.

Now, THEY have control and it's MUCH better. No home grow so THEY get ALL the money. Good thing those monopolies didn't get it. LOL

And, $200,000.00 PER YEAR for a grow license. It's the HIGHEST in the country.

Just like the liquor laws.


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Here’s how backwards and conservative Ohio is, especially when it comes to cannabis. They’re starting to accept apps for med dispensaries and there have been uproars by residents concerning locations. The residents are concerned with crime, the affect on children, and the type of clientele that may be attracted. Still back in Reefer Madness mentality. Ummm, according to the legislation, this is a medical program, no flowers being sold, nothing to be smoked, etc, etc.

Don’t these residents realize that there is a Rite-Aid on just about every corner…and what are they selling?....

It’s a terrible piece of legislation but as mentioned prior it was done that way as a deterrent to a voter mandated issue. Hopefully some entity will come up with a good ballot initiative in the future.


lmao it was a monopoly and not b.s.. they would only allow like 7 growers and then there was only a certain amount of dispensaries being allowed and the license fee's for those was nuts, you would have to have been a multi-millionaire to afford those license fee's. ffs oHIo is known to be a farming State and to not allow farmers to grow more than 4-12 plants is insane when they have hundreds upon hundreds of acres.

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