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New to autoflowering, need some guidance!


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Hi everyone. I have been on hiatus here at the site for a few months at least now while I've been getting moved to a place and finally am able to stop being homeless. So my absence has been for good reasons but its nice to be back here again. I'm planning some serious growing efforts this year but I want to try an approach I have never tried before.

The weed we're smoking right now is brick and getting more at this point is risky, but I'm also a medical user and life will get ugly if I can't have cannabinoids. So I am finally considering giving autos a try. We're in a Zone 5 area(non-legal state sadly) and its just starting to be adequate weather for planting. If i get my "regular" plants out we should have a great fall, but I really want to try putting out some autos so we can have a great summer too.

That leads me to the following questions:

1) Where can I buy such seeds reliably and for an affordable amount(most banks I have checked want 10 or more per bean, which is honestly sort of brutal).

2) What strains should I get?

3) Does anyone have any beginner advice for a first-time auto grower?

Any help would be appreciated!


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I'm always interested in more information on autos.

Afterthought Autos comes to mind. :) The autoflower section has some great stickies you should read over. Strain selection will be personal for sure, everyone likes different stuff.


Start in 5-7 gallon containers.
Yield is heavily impacted by stress in the first 3 weeks of growth.
Save your male pollen to make seeds! Use long term storage methods. (see STS link in my sig)
EWC rocks!


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Thanks for the reply. I probably should have sorted out this whole autoflower thing before all this virus insanity happened. I may still be getting my hands on at least a couple auto beans from a generous friend, but I'm still going to try and find some more as well. When I realized my brick dealer doesn't fear germs it has sort of motivated me to look at autos as a way to maybe avoid dealers through the summer until fall crops come in. Last year's crop was incredibly disappointing and I don't want to make that same mistake this year.