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MMJ All but Over in Montana

MF Grimm

Wow, so much negativity and pessimism.

The fight isn't over.

At least you still have some type of MMJ program at all.

Tony Aroma

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Scary thought -- they are creating about 30,000 new criminals. And the state has a record of who they all are. When the repeal takes effect, all the police need to do is go down the list and make their arrests. I'd bet having your name on a list of formerly-legal mmj users would be sufficient grounds for a search warrant. I wonder if this repeal bill also includes more police to handle the arrests and new prisons to handle all the new criminals.


Gawd forbid a pot grower can live without fear and be a productive tax paying member of the community. Pot growers are people too :badday:


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What it means is that the (liberal pot smoking hippies) people of Montana have to get it up to vote again. The left in America is waking up that things don't have to go the way of conservative tea baggers, he who yells loudest get all the shit. But rational humans, voting for what's right, it won't happen over night. Hell I've been smoking since the 60's and never thought it would get this far. Vote I know it sounds like beating a dead horse,:deadhorse but why would you vote against your own best interests in all things, MMJ or what ever, voting will change things, it just takes time. The public attitude to MMJ has been good until the last election when most of the more progressive typeS staid home rather than vote, and the hard right got in and the result IS....... SO VOTE I will continue to rant about voting, either in the U.S. or any other country that has elections.(I almost said free and open but we know how that might go,bush v gore) MY RANT IS ABOUT VOTING TO LEGALIZE CANNABIS..............vote it doesn't hurt.


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Every major road in montana will now have open billboard space if anyone is looking. MI, CA, OR, CO, look for some new residents showing their faces soon. I knew things would change when my little town of 15k souls had three storefronts and a traveling doctor was in town three days a month; that's just way too in yer face for this very red state. We all knew things would change but what a shitty way to change them. This is going to bring the lawyers out in force. I know several terminally ill folks who can't grow a dandelion let alone medical grade cannabis. They will have to return to supporting illicit growers. And so much for my 75$ hour job, but I knew it couldn't last. This is just not california after all. At least I'll still be able to grow 32 plants for me and my wife. 24 will have to be 12"x12" or smaller so at least a dozen bonzi moms and several males as well. The 8 big plants are going to be awfully big now too...lol. The 1 oz of smokeable cannabis allowed is a joke tho I smoke that in a week. Oh well at least it is not totally repealed which was the other option. Lets get out and vote montana.


Gawd forbid a pot grower can live without fear and be a productive tax paying member of the community. Pot growers are people too :badday:

Tax paying is the key words here. No decent politician is not going to let anyone make a living without the ability to pick their pocket. If growers give up a share to the state then the state will treat them more as businesses than renegades. I don't think $20 to $50 a pound tax is excessive. Add a few million to the state coffers and you will be a necessity to them. Share the bounty and keep the bounty flowing. A tax offer to the government has to be made. The tax can be ear marked to pay for education and rehabilitation programs. Just like alcohol taxes in some states are spent. I am talking commercial growers not home gardens.
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At least you can still grow for yourselves in Montana. North Dakota is danger at every turn trying to help people. The commercial grower seems to throw in the towel on a quality meds day one. Yes everybody wants to make the huge payday. But we can't afford to be super growers without a foundation built already. There has been no trust built with the state. They have to see their money without the crime rate and gang bangers selling drugs on every corner in middle America. If a state goes recreational then all this is a mute point. But when we are talking MMJ its not about the grower it's about the patient first and foremost. Each dispensary needs to grow its own meds and provide quality organic meds for the patients it can handle. Slow steady growth will make our communities more comfortable with legislation. My humble opinion PEACE