Methods of inducing Local Acquired Resistance and Induced Systemic Resistance

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Lets not forget good old milk.
Could you post a reference or some scientific proof for this?
Not saying it doesn't help against some diseases, I just don't think or don't know yet that it does so by inducing LAR/ISR.
Salicylic acid, salicylic acid, salicylic acid
Wrong, plain wrong! SA induces SAR (systemic acquired resistance), not ISR (induced systemic resistance). That's like comparing inflammation with allergy.


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Ahhh, milk....specifically "raw milk", an interesting and grossly misunderstood liquid.

Raw Milk (unpasteurized without additives) has protein (amino acids), bacteria, vitamins, trace elements, salts, and of course fat and lots of water.

This particular research is very informative-- But unfortunately it is in a "no-print" format, so it truly is a "read only" document.

The study concluded:
"Cow milk may have more than one mode of action in controlling zucchini squash powdery mildew. Fresh milk may have a direct effect against S. fuliginea due to its germicidal properties (Salle, 1954). Milk contains several salts and amino-acids (Martins Filho, 1987). These substances have been shown to be effective in controlling powdery mildew and other diseases (Reuveni et al, 1993/1995; Mucharromah and Kuc, 1991; Titone et al, 1997; Pasini et al, 1997). Several authors have shown that sodium bicarbonate, oxalate, dibasic or tribasic potassium phosphate, and other salts and amino-acids have been efficient in the induction of systemic resistance (Reuveni et al, 1993/1995; Mucharromah and Kuc, 1991; Titone et al, 1997; Pasini et al, 1997; van Andel, 1966). Therefore milk may also indirectly affect S. fuliginea by inducing systemic resistance."

BTW, one of the best foods for bacteria (growing medium) is....Raw Milk. Funny thing...and at around $4/half gallon (skim variety)--it is super affordable!

Found is the link to a "non-protected" text version of that study.
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Anyone want to increase your trichomes.
5 years and no response.

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Great post shaggy! These are great methods for overall plant health and development. Let's keep it going!


Why not coax the plant into producing its own juices? The "additive" approach is counter to the defense philosophy itself. Defended plants, not defensive plants. It's like wimps with body guards
RyanR asked me a question I didn't know. What is a good dose of salicylic acid to induce SAR? It is a one-time addition, or low amounts over a long period of time? At what point is it diminishing returns or reducing flower yield?