Killer Chem Freebie!!


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got some Killer Chem freebies from seedBay by way of my pal mrwags!!...thanks, wags!

i popped 4 seeds, got one female...

she is a stinker!!

we are in week two of flowering:



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Stdane[/b said:
;3642441]What's the genetics on this one,I mean it must be Killer Queen and a Chem but which Chem!!??.....Straits:tiphat:

i will check the container they came in...they were freebies from the nice cats at seedBay...

>>no...didn't take any cuts...thanks for looking in!
JackTheGrower>>no, not much...i usually top everything...i just left this one alone...she seems happy. thanks for cruising by!:wave:

johnny butt

I'll be watching with great anticipation... Ended up with 7 seeds in my 5 pack!! WooHoo!


Best of luck Sleepy


Here's a little info I found on the killer chem...

REZDOG said:

Paco-or any of y'all-do us all a favor,would ya?
If you can,make some Killer Chem "f2s" and send them in as freebies or auction 'em at $40USD or less (please,stcik to Reservoir Policy: No hard-core profiteering on Reservoir "knock-offs/f2s",but you have my blessing to make some seed-credit bucks at SBoo/Bay,to compensate ya's for the time and space spent in pursuit of some KillerChem beans for the community!)
Reason is,I don't expect any more Killer Chemdog beans to be produced for the first half of the year,at the very least.
At this point,not until the 3rd Quarter plans and projections are drawn up,could it possibly enter the queue....

Again,superb job you guys-those look fuckin' awe-inspiring!



Over 2 hun+ true breeding beans have been made from the Golden pheno from the last of my friends KC pollen, it was cut to make it go further, no mutants or issues has come about from the cutting. They have been germ tested and approved. :D Pics of male used are coming.. I did not keep the Chem pheno, it was good, real damn good, but could not compare to the Golden.

I'm now on the lookout for more pollen or might just have to go ahead and pop my last 4 beans to just get a male to bump uglies. I figure 5 beans per baggie will land a good female of my golden pheno for freebies and 10 beans for $40 is sweeet, and one shouldn't have an issue with finding that golden pheno!!

Many people won't smoke the golden, too strong, makes them dizzy, trippy, hits very very hard.. True medicine.. that's why I thinks it's from the G13. The taste & smell is nutty, bran, grape-nuts, hashy.. Plant is branchy, not a large yielder but a one hit wonder if ya ask me..

nycnoob said:
Killer Chemdog (KQ/Chemdog) Everything this KQ Mom touches is five-stars,and KQ's powerful as hell,& VERY quick,at 50-55 days,so look for a <60 day optimum finish,which is raw-ther nice. Seedbay release,limited. My Killer Queen (G13/C99) Mom crossed with Chemdog's best. This one will be a legend. Flowertime 60 days,+/-


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umhh they looks so good bro sleepy!!
i'm very interess to this genetic if remaining like this small and no branching much maybe this is my choice for s.o.g. style into my small space !!
should be a serious grow, i'll be tuned into this thread bro sleepy!!


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sleepy am in for the show:lurk:,,,,
wheres the kettle bro i could do with a cuppa, this popcorn has made my mouth as dry as Gandhi's sandals:bigeye:

keep it green


for more info check out the pablos thread on killer chem too. really good. Stictlygateway has a Kc thread too. great flowers.


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Paco!!>>wow, your killer chem thread ROCKS!!! thank you for putting that up!:thank you: are these seeds from you?
oregon_guy!!>>thanks for should start yours!!
theHIGHlander!!>> cuppa...too f-ing hot! have a nice pint with that popcorn!
killerweed31!!>>hey there...nice to have you along...
chuckyoufarley!!>>hey chucky!!...thanks for coming by!!
johnny butt!!>>excellent post!!...thank you for sharing...nice score on your part!! woot!:jump:
dwarfganja!!>>me too! mee too!!!
Mr. Greengenes!!>> would not surprise me...good to have you along.


i took a couple of pics...she seems happy...

seed pack...

here she an image for a better smellier view!



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I have 7 of these vigorous mofos in veg and hope to outcross them to some of my danish outdoor.


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GreatLakes THC!!>> nice to see you, GL!!
bloyd!!>>...i'm sure you will find something you like!! glad to have you on board!


i took a couple of pix last one for a larger view:

i'm happy that i did not top her...the main cola looks like it will be nice and fat!:jump:

not too bad for pouring liquid into a bag!:blowbubbles:

johnny butt

Great looking colas sleepy. Any words on the smells and aromas?

I think the cross was leaning towards the golden pheno of c99/g13. I know the smell of c99 like its my own body stink, but I'm curious to hear how this lady smells!