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Karma Genetics Strain Info, Listings, And all........


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had my eye also on the pinky sour but only grabbed the sour froots and the biker 41 with that order...
now it's out of stock ;)... thats life
but i will look out for the incoming pink runtz crosses in the future.
hehe ya i know that prob, its hard to get the good stuff like karma g.
I look in the shop 1-2 times a day^^

On Saturday I had to pay shipping costs for the second time because everything happened so quickly
1. i saw the sweatband og in stock, only one pack... i instantly order it, and 2min later i saw the zowahh in stock (only one pack) :rolleyes::unsure::giggle:


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nice grab! :)
have a few on my to do list but still got a lot of stuff to go through ...
never ending story, always not enough time or the room for everything at the same time :)
at least got a pack of where is my bike v2 ... maybe 2 or 3 girls will show up in the upcoming run

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Zowahh and SourD are back in at puresativa …. If they could just wait a couple of fucking weeks :cautious:
Ooh, thanks for that.
Just checked at Attitude USA and found the Zowahh 2.0.